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The International Network at Siemens


A Siemens employee network whose goal is to promote diversity of thought by encouraging, embracing and celebrating the diversity of Siemens employees from different national/ethnic backgrounds


  1. To provide a voice for the Siemens employees who were not born and/or raised in the United Kingdom, giving them a platform to communicate to one another the challenges they face and even receive useful feedback/advice/encouragement, find ways to educate the greater audience of their unique characteristics, increase the sense of “belonging” in the workplace environment rather than conform or supress their cultural identity in order to “fit in”
  2. To provide line managers/ senior managers with the right level of knowledge/understanding of diversity so that through the right activities and behaviours they can unlock the full potential of their multinational teams sparking more creativity and driving more inclusion
  3. To promote allyship, i.e. support those interested in learning more to aid others by using their platform or privilege in the organisation as well as educating themselves on diversity
  4. To enhance communications within Siemens by eliminating challenges whose root causes are the different cultural backgrounds, different way of thinking or difficult nuances of the English language
  5. To make recommendations for reaping the business benefits of diversity so that we all benefit in Siemens and enhance financial performance of teams[1]

Who can join?

Anyone across the organisation who is interested or passionate about the topic above

What should I expect?

Being a member of this Siemens community, you will stay updated about the current events of the International Network through Yammer, you will have the chance to contribute in whichever setup is

  1. [1] In the HBR article “The other diversity Divident”, Paul Gompers and Silpa Kovvali, proved for the first time a correlation between diversity and the hard metric of financial performance. According to this article: “How do the financial outcomes of homogeneous partnerships compare with those of diverse collaborations? The difference is dramatic. Along all dimensions measured, the more similar the investment partners, the lower their investments’ performance. For example, the success rate of acquisitions and IPOs was 11.5% lower, on average, for investments by partners with shared school backgrounds than for those by partners from different schools. The effect of shared ethnicity was even stronger, reducing an investment’s comparative success rate by 26.4% to 32.2%.”

 most convenient for you, you can participate in virtual or physical events or publications. This is a volunteering community run by people who are passionate about this topic.

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