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Everything we do is about helping our customers. For almost a hundred years, we’ve made it our business to make life better for them. From providing quality food affordably to helping people shop however, wherever and whenever they want, we serve millions of customers daily. If you believe in great service, and want the chance to get on and develop, we offer a world of opportunities at Tesco.

As a business, serving customers is at the heart of everything we do – from colleagues in our stores to those of us in supporting roles.

Tesco was built with a simple mission: to be the champion for customers. Over the years we’ve done this through lots of little, helpful differences: new stores and ways of shopping; service which saves time and makes life simpler; helping to make great food available to all.

Our mission is the same today. Our customers are hard-pressed for both time and money. They want great value and great service. They expect great products which they can buy easily. Wherever we work, they want us to do the right thing – for them, their communities and the environment.

With over 480,000 colleagues around the world in 11 markets, we have the opportunity to improve the shopping experience of millions of people every week.

Small actions, big difference. Helping to make our customers’ lives easier, every day.

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More about TESCO

Our Values

No one tries harder for their customers:

  • Understand customers
  • Be first to meet their needs
  • Act responsibly for our communities

We treat people how they want to be treated:

  • Work as a team
  • Trust and respect each other
  • Listen, support and say thank you
  • Share knowledge and experience

Every little help makes a big difference:

  • Helping to reduce food waste globally and ensuring surplus food goes to those in need
  • Making it easier to live more healthily
  • Sourcing great quality, affordable and sustainable products
  • Making a positive contribution to the communities where we operate.

‘Everyone is Welcome at Tesco’ is our way of letting colleagues and customers know that we take equality, diversity and inclusion seriously. It means that whoever you are, wherever you work and whatever you do we want you to FEEL welcome too.

When you come to work you will find that you have lots in common with the people you meet – perhaps you know a few already. You’ll also notice that there are differences too – that’s because people choose to shop with us and work with us because we aim to reflect the community we serve – including your town, city, village and street.

That means each of us must be committed to treating one another with respect even where we have a different point of view or haven’t come across a particular way of life before. In just a few minutes working at Tesco you’ll notice that the whole world passes by – every level of ability, young and old, rich and poor, every race and religion, gay, transgender, wheelchair users, friendly people and grumpy ones too. People who are like you and people who aren’t.

In fact, we are all unique and differ in many ways. Some of the differences we can see and others we can’t.

So that we offer the best service to our customers and make those working with us welcome, each of us needs to be aware of our differences and to respect those of others around us. That means thinking about the words we use – both in person and on Facebook and Twitter – and making sure that we don’t say things that will upset or offend people. It means taking an interest in other people so that they don’t feel excluded without asking difficult or intrusive questions. And it means allowing others to be themselves when they come to work or shop.

Benefits at Tesco

List of all the benefits that Tesco are offering their employees. Benefits may vary depending on role, location and length of service.

  • Financial & Retirement
  • Company Shares
  • Discount Scheme
  • Rewarding Performance
  • Stock Purchasing Plans
  • Career Break

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