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Nationwide's Tips on how to write a new CV!

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Nationwide's Tips on how to write a new CV!

If you're after your own new start in a new role your CV might need a bit of a spring clean and a dust off. Don't worry though, Nationwide have some tips below on just how to de-clutter and reorganise, ready to get a new job.

What do you want to do?

If your CV is confused, then you appear confused. So many people don't really know what they want to do in life, from graduates to business owners. Doubt can always seep in and keeping your options open on your CV can be tempting. It's fine if you're still deciding where your passion lies, however, don't let this come across in your CV.

Decide on a path that suits the job you're applying for and make this clear within your CV.

Your elevator pitch

Treat your opening section as an elevator pitch in which you must sell yourself to a complete stranger in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. So take out the lines and lines of text describing how amazing you are and condense this to only the essential details.

This should reflect the job specifications you're applying for.

What works best

You may want to put down every little job you've ever done. We realise that you're probably proud of all you've achieved, however this might be hindering you. Think of it like this, you may have a couple of past roles that make you the perfect candidate for the job that you're applying for, but these are hidden amongst all your other work experience that doesn't quite demonstrate your skills as well.

So take out the clutter and clean up your work experience, and let the stuff that really matters shine.

What you know

Just as with your work experience, your education could do with a bit of a spring-clean too. Keep in only the relevant results, showing that you understand what the job is all about.

Make sure you put in any extra courses or workshops you've attended if they're relevant to the job.

Use what you know

If you have a job specification for a role you really want, use this to your advantage. Pick out key words and the key requirements from the job spec and make sure your CV reflects this.

Make sure you present yourself as the utmost perfect candidate by cleaning up your CV and reorganising.

With Nationwide, your perfect new career could be just a click away. Get a fresh start this spring and start your journey with us today. Check out the roles we have available here and get your CV ready to go. Good luck!

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