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5 Tips To Help Improve Your Career From Nationwide

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5 Tips To Help Improve Your Career From Nationwide

Along side your personal resolutions you should think about what you want to achieve in your career over the next year. This could be anything from finding a new job to changing how you conduct yourself in the workplace.

Here at Nationwide we've put together a list of the resolutions we believe could help you progress in your career anywhere.

1. Improve your networking

LinkedIn is a great place to start when thinking about your professional profile. Pinpoint the people who could help you progress in your career. Do your research about these individuals and strive to get to know them in the coming year. Expanding your network could open up a number of opportunities, you just have to get out there. Don't wait to be discovered, you'll find much more success through creating your own opportunities.

2. Your online presence

First of all clean up your profiles. LinkedIn is a must, make sure your career history is up to date, you've added in all your relevant information and your introduction is engaging. Twitter is also an important one. If your Twitter account is open for all to see, ensure you're presenting yourself in the best possible way - if not, clean it up!

Now you've cleaned up your act the next step is to keep your social presence up to date. Be consistent with the frequency in which you post, and add variation to the content you are sharing or adding.

Invest 10mins per day into your personal social media brand, share interesting content you find when online, like and share others content. Trust us, it'll pay dividends.

3. Evaluate your feelings

Take a moment at certain points throughout the coming year to evaluate your feelings. By this we mean your thoughts on your current job, how you see yourself progressing and how you feel about the people around you. Often we don't consider our feelings about our profession, seeing it as an inevitable chore to get us to the weekend. If you have become stagnant in your work, you may want to re-evaluate your situation. Ultimately you spend far too long at work not the enjoy it. Confucius said (at some point between 551 BC - 479 BC) "Give a man a job he loves, and he'll never work a day in his life", it's not impossible to achieve, and certainly something to strive for.

4. Ensure a work/life balance

On the other hand, don't get too bogged down with work. Over-doing it can be counter productive in the long run. Make sure you keep a healthy work/life balance to help you to perform at your best at all times.

5. Move to the next level

All of the above resolutions could help you progress to the next level of your career. Set a realistic goal for 2015 and work towards making it a reality. Moving to the next level in your profession could mean a new and exciting time in your life. If you are feeling stuck in your current job, perhaps this is the resolution you need to make in 2015.

With Nationwide discover career opportunities at the world's largest building society. We could give you the chance to achieve your resolutions this year, and help you improve your career. Keep up to date with our jobs by creating a job alert today. Alternatively visit our Facebook or LinkedIn profile for all our latest career postings.

Have a happy New Year from Nationwide.

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