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Radius Webworks - online training for employee networks

Radius is a global online training provider. We run regular webinars throughout the year which focuses on employee network best practice. Partnering with a range of companies including BNP Paribas, Alleges Global Solutions, Barclays and WPP together with HR/D&I and Network Leader experts/captains of industry, we offer our 100 Corporate Members access to a series of webinars which compliment the Employee Network Leadership Programme as well as the Radius Business Network range of events, workshops and training sessions.

These training sessions provide high impact and value to our corporate members, helping them develop thier employee networks and those that lead them both in the UK and globally.


There are five core services to our business:

  • Employee Network Leadership Programme

This unique and pioneering Programme has been developed by Radius with input from HR, D&I and change experts, to support HR and D&I leaders to develop their current and future network and group leaders as effective change agents within your organisation.

  • Online Training

Radius runs 8 webinars throughout the year which focuses on employee network best practice in addition to the Employee Network Leadership Programme (ENLP). Partnering with a range of companies including BNP Paribas, Alleges Global Solutions, Barclays and WPP together with HR/D&I and Network Leader experts/captains of industry, we will be offering our Corporate Members access to a series of additional webinars which compliment the ENLP as well as the Radius Business Network set of events, workshops and training sessions.

  • Internal Employee Network Strategy, Development & Delivery

Our bespoke and tailored consultancy solutions and development programmes are designed to support organisations with the development of their employee networks and their leadership right across the business. This includes all services related to employee network development, from effective planning and strategy right through to delivery and the training of their leadership, including chairs, sponsors and council members.

  • Our Business Networks

Our events connect, develop and activate a diverse range of attendees to share best practice, learn from experts, engage in industry leading debates, address challenges and build key relationships with peers across all business sectors.

Corporate Members use the Radius Network as an external set of development and training events to inspire, activate and develop the capabilities of their leaders, internal network chairs & sponsors, line managers and employees across the business. Our events also provide fantastic opportunities to build strong networks and share best practice on a wide range of business topics, with peers from all industries and sectors, acting as a platform to develop relationships with experts and leaders, current and future clients, business contacts, suppliers and colleagues.

  • Employee Networks Global Research

Taking guidance from our 90 corporate members radius conduct global studies looking at employee networks within organisations and what best practice looks like across sectors, industries and different strands of diversity.

  • Testimonials

See below for some recent testimonials from our clients:

“Radius is a unique company: helping create tangible value for businesses out of diversity, and helping individuals and organisations to engage with the widest possible range of events, issues and speakers.

"The Radius Employee Network Leadership Programme is leading the way in the evolution of employee networks and the development of their leaders to create real impact for the businesses they support. A genuine innovation in the industry, this programme it truly unique, helping businesses become more inclusive and by doing so to become more effective. I could not be prouder to support Radius and its pioneering work” - Lord Chris Smith, Master of Pembroke College Cambridge, former Secretary of State for Culture and former Chairman of the Environment Agency, Radius Chairman 

“We are hugely proud to be working with Radius. The relationship provides great value to PwC, offering a unique platform to connect, build business relationships and share best practice with a wide variety of organisations right across the private and public sectors. The range of activities they offer compliment perfectly our internal strategy of linking business value with diversity and inclusion. We look forward to growing our businesses together.” - Kevin Ellis, Managing Partner, PwC 

“I have always been active and vocal in supporting diversity groups. Leading an organisation of 10,000 people it is key to better understand & appreciate the huge benefits to be gained from having a diverse workforce. One of the most successful organisations we partner with is Radius Business, a unique and highly impactful organisation, who provide expertly delivered programmes, workshops, events and content. They have helped drive cultural change right across our organisation.” - Paul Leinster, Former CEO, Environment Agency 

“KPMG are investing and participating in the Radius Network Leadership Programme as we are committed to empowering and developing our network leaders by advancing their skills, competencies and capabilities, regardless of their level within our business. The Leadership Programme is a real innovation that will foster collaboration between leaders from different and diverse backgrounds and will be central to driving positive cultural change within our organisation and others.” – KPMG

“One of the best parts of the Radius Employee Network Leadership Programme has been the mentoring partnership - it is great to be partnered with someone from a completely different industry and background, bringing new ideas, suggestions and energy as to how I can make my network more effective” – BNP Paribas 

“Participating in the Radius Employee Network Leadership Programme has helped me understand the need to set clear strategies aligned to the business objectives for my network” – EDF Energy

‘The Radius online webinar on network influence and impact has been incredibly helpful in terms of keeping me on track and directing me to further research and information to take my employee network forward’  - Allegis Global Solutions

“When it comes to events and workshops, Radius is the UK leader in providing expert content delivered to the highest standard.” – Barclays

“Radius events are thoroughly enjoyable and really informative. It is great to be in a room full of people who are keen to strengthen employee networks and it was very helpful to share best practice ideas with a wide range other organisations.”  - British Airways

“I always found Radius events represent the best value for money as a network investment. There are many strands and networks from the Civil Service that attend Radius, fundamentally it is set up to connect us and big business together, it is also a central point for some of the biggest names in D&I.” – HM Prison Service


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