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Estate and Sustainable Development at DIO

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is working towards increasing climate resilience and maintaining the operational capacity of the MOD Estate in a changing climate.

Some effects of climate change are already being experienced on the MOD estate, for instance, MOD coastal sites are vulnerable to coastal erosion, fire has been an issue at some training areas during continued dry conditions and IT services have been interrupted during periods of extreme heat.

Existing vulnerabilities are likely to become more challenging as climate changes overtime including increases in extreme weather events. Building resilience to current weather vulnerabilities and planning for long-term changes in climate will enhance the continuity of defence outputs, minimising the costs and damages caused by current weather, as well as in the longer term ensuring that the estate is resilient to a changing climate.

MOD aims to identify the estate’s vulnerabilities on a site by site basis to effectively build adaptive capacity. To this end, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has developed the Climate Impacts Risk Assessment Methodology (CIRAM), which identifies the risks to defence outputs from current and future climate or extreme weather events, and identifies the actions required to maintain and optimise operational capability.

CIRAM supports the UK Climate Change Act (2008) and the UK Government National Adaptation Programme, the 2011 Greening Government Commitments, the Cabinet Office (CO) Critical Infrastructure Resilience Programme (CIRP), and The UK National Security Strategy (NSS) 2010 A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty.


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