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What’s it like to work as a domiciliary carer?

Category: health sector

Domiciliary care is a crucial part of our healthcare system.  Carers offer everything from intimate personal care to essential social connections.  Their visits help the most vulnerable members of our community maintain their independence and stay at home for longer. But what do carers look for in an agency or employer?

Time to care

A good agency or employer gives you time with each client and a balanced and healthy workload. Recent rulings about work conditions mean you should get paid travel time, and required breaks. It’s well-known that this can be a busy job to do but great employers will give their staff time and training to give high-quality care.

Predictable scheduling

Some care careers can struggle inconsistent scheduling. One might work weekday daytimes one week, and find oneself booked for weekend nighttimes the next. Carers have family responsibilities and social lives too, so it's important to have a predictable schedule. This also helps clients establish positive and friendly relationships with their carers.

Good pay and benefits

Carers help our communities and families function, but carer pay can be low. Jobs offering the living wage - and benefits like paid travel - help to retain carers for longer. Lower turnover means carers with more skills, greater institutional memory, and closer relationships with clients.

Opportunities to train, learn and grow

The best places to work as a carer offer career development. Good employers and agencies pay carers to gain qualifications like NVQs. These open up opportunities for carers, including supervising other carers, managing medications, and dealing with complex needs.  Care is a skilled and essential career path, and carers deserve respect and support to bring out their best. Search for your next care role in the VERCIDA database.


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