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Why mental health matters when you’re between jobs

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British men can struggle for longer after the loss of a job than the breakdown of a serious relationship, recent research shows. That’s not to say they feel lightly about their breakups. In fact, leaving a loved one would often take two years of mourning until they would feel they have passed it. It’s just that many men spend twice that, four years, grieving after losing their jobs.

Unemployment and mental health

It feels like an attack on many sides. You have lost your usual income stream. But also, the daily relationships you enjoyed n the workplace, and the sense of purpose that good, quality work can bring. Unemployment is a shock to your whole system. This can be a difficult time for mental health as stresses rise. 

We’ve got ideas for a few things you can do to support your own health and wellbeing while looking for a new job:

  1. Make a plan: It can be useful to write lists of all the things you will do in that today to look for new work. We live in a networked environment now so it’s straightforward to tune up your CV and send it along to a few people for their thoughts. Or reaching out to a former colleague who might have a tip. And, as important as it is to give that time, it’s also important to have times when you are thinking about something completely different. That’s great for your own health and wellbeing.
  2. Spend some time thinking about the next steps. It’s helpful to try and move away from defining yourself by your last job. What are your skills? Good communicators take that with them throughout their lives, it doesn’t need to be in a job title.
  3. Talk about it. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that it’s hard being out of work. Reach out to those around you and tell them what’s going on. Do not isolate. Know you are not alone.
  4. Get some exercise. The endorphins released during exercise are a great mood booster. And it’s easy, free and gets you out of the house. Sprint your way to a new view on the work you do.

Staying mentally healthy and positive in the face of repeated disappointments and uncertainty is certainly a difficult task. Yet this appears to be one of the keys to finding re-employment and regaining life satisfaction. If you’re looking to find the next position you need on the career ladder then search our database of available vacancies here. Believe in yourself. We already do.


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