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Ten great reasons to work for Sky

Category: Blogger's Corner

Sky serves 23 million customers across seven countries. Sky offers everything from brilliant television to fast broadband internet. For Sky, creating a workplace environment where everyone can be themselves is essential. Here are ten great reasons to work for Sky.

1) Tasty food that's good for your health

The International Labour Organisation reports that proper nutrition at work boosts productivity. Sky provides a range of food and drink to employees. Their food not only tastes great, but is good for you too.

2) Support for parents and families

[email protected] is a network developed and run by working parents to support families across Sky. The emergency family care benefit gives you six free emergency or backup healthcare sessions for your loved ones.

3) Celebrating multiculturalism

The employee network [email protected] focuses on building an environment where people from a BAME background can achieve their potential. Through the network, BAME employees can make sure concerns are heard and acted on throughout the organisation.

4) Breaking down gender barriers

There are employment and pay gaps for women in fields such as engineering and corporate leadership. Sky's Women in Leadership scheme aims for half of its leaders to be women, and today it's at 39%.

5) Respect for disability rights

The Body&[email protected] network’s ambition is to encourage the open discussion of mental health, disability and long term illness. Members of the network can share best practice, offer mutual support, and ensure that Sky is fully accessible to everyone.

6) Shared parental leave

Shared parental leave enables two parents to work as a team. Sky offers shared parental leave so both parents can get first-hand experience of being the primary caregiver.

7) LGBT rights and respect

Sky was named recently as one of the best places to work by LGBT organisation Stonewall.  Sky is continually working to improve its support for LGBT employees and its connections to the broader LGBT+ community.

8) Top 50 inclusive employers

In 2017, Sky was named 11th in the UK's top 50 inclusive employers. Schemes such as women only training programs, company-wide inclusion surveys, and more, brought this award home.

9) Campaigning for healthy oceans

Sky campaign Ocean Rescue highlights the impact of plastics in our oceans and encourages people to make a difference. The campaign analyses how all of Sky’s processes can have less impact on oceans. Solutions include designing products with less material and ensuring all products are recycled. Removing all single-use plastics is a significant first step that Sky is looking to take.

10) Reaching out to women from the start

Sky won the 2016 WISE award, which recognises good practice in recruitment of women in science and engineering. The goal is to encourage them to take up a career in STEM at an early stage. They offer apprenticeships and work experience schemes.


If you're excited about making your next career move to Sky, check out our jobs database.



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