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Semiconductor and microchip manufacturing can transform our world

Category: Computing and Electronics

Inside your laptop, smart phone and Internet-connected appliances are lots and lots of microchips. Even your car is full of them! And the difference between the clunky microchips of yesteryear and today's speedy, compact computer systems lies in improved semiconductors. There’s a guideline called Moore's law, that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles every two years. This means we have faster devices and more processing power. It also means that world-changing innovations like machine learning are more ubiquitous. And it means we get closer and closer every day to revolutionary technologies like true artificial intelligence. If you're interested in a career in microchip and semiconductor manufacturing, browse our directory of ethical employers.

Moving towards ethical and sustainable production

Manufacturing semiconductors and microchips can be environmentally dangerous. Some of the minerals used in manufacturer come from unethically mined sources. More and more companies are moving towards ethical production. This can come from accrediting mines and fabrication sites with independent organisations. It can also come from national or global regulation, or from voluntary arrangements by companies. Job seekers in this exciting field should be sure to do their research. Then, choose the most ethical companies to work for.

From engineering to assembly

There are quite a few roles available in this field. Do you want to be at the ground floor designing new technology? An advanced degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or materials science is a good start. But there are also many other roles, from quality assurance to health and safety to human resources. Can you get to grips with arcane science and complex technology? You'll find that this field is a perennial growth industry that offers competitive pay and good security. If you're ready for your next step in your career, explore available roles in our directory of ethical employers.

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