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Resolutions to re-boot your professional life

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Do you see the new year as a chance to return you to your optimum game? If so, you may be making resolutions to learn a language, lose weight orland a dream job. Search our database for available vacancies here.

But the re in resolution is a handy reminder that effective and lasting change often comes from revisiting what is already working well. Drastic changes can be overwhelming so focusing on short-term tweaks is often the key to success. Reassessing your daily routines and making some small and fun improvements will pay dividends.

Here are five tips that put the re- into resolution, to help you to rediscoverthe fabulous career you.

  1. Reorganise your working practices: If you need to sort your finances or streamline your to-do lists, there’s no time like January to make it happen. There are some great free software packages that can help. Take advantage of the long, quiet evenings and chip away at a little bit every day.
  2. Revitalise your CV: You might be looking to find a new job or get promoted this year or thinking a little further into the future. Either way, it’s a great idea to get into the habit of updating your CV more frequently than just when you change jobs. Spending some time reflecting on the achievements in your current role can give you a real confidence boost too. Who knows, it might be all you need to nudge you into a new project in your current role, or to negotiate a pay rise.
  3. Renew your contacts:  A 2016 Linkedin survey found that 85% of all jobs were filled through networking. Relationships are vitally important and you don’t want to be tapping people up for favours when they haven’t heard from you in months. The new year is a perfect excuse to check in with ex-colleagues, past bosses, friends and associates – just to see how’s it going. A simple hi may just open up a new opportunity. (And if that doesn’t work, search our database of great vacancies here.)
  4. Revamp yourself: Sometimes, changing something on the outside can shift the way we feel about ourselves and our capabilities. It doesn’t have to be a complete makeover, but a haircut or pair of new shoes can signal to yourself and the world that you mean business.
  5. Remember who you are: If you feel you have to change yourself or work too hard for a particular job then it probably isn’t that good a fit. We work with employers who value diversity and equality, and who want to work with candidates’ existing strengths.

We’ll go into 2019 with the same mission as the year before. Great jobs for great people. Search our database for available vacancies here.

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