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Reinvent Your Desk - 6 Productivity Boosters That Speak Success

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No matter what kind of a profession you’re in to make a living, you’ll need a desk to take care of all that mounting work. Teachers need desks to grade, teach, and fortify themselves with authority while accountants need it to organise paperwork, files, and other paraphernalia. While the details of every occupation might be different, the need for a work-related surface remains universal.

Nevertheless, the details do matter a lot. Mostly comprised of personal artifacts and essential office use items, a highly customised desk space can boost your productivity a lot. From inspiring creativity to instilling motivation during one of those drab hours, your desk space can have a lot of impact on the quality of your work. So, here are 6 tips you can use to reinvent your desk to help you achieve optimal productivity:

  • Customised lighting

Sometimes, the ever-present ambient glower of typical fluorescents can be totally overwhelming. It can put a lot of strain on your eyes, hinder your motivation, and put you down even on the best of days. So, what’s the work-desk essential that can help you move past this obstacle? A customised table lamp for better work-oriented lighting!

There are a lot of choices that you can make for this particular accessory. If you’re a minimalist who enjoys function-based décor then go for a simple one. If you’re an imaginative person who believes in uninterrupted arabesques and fantastical situations, then go for something more elaborate. It’s your workspace – do whatever helps!

  • Refreshing planters

Need natural healing, easy breathing, and less stress? Reinvent your desk space with some indoor plants! It’s the easiest way to personalise your workspace with a gorgeous accessory while curating a natural ambiance at the same time. You can choose tiny succulents (as they are the easiest to take care of and require minimal work) or air plants to test out your green thumb.

  • Personalised stationery

Tired of looking at all those similar ball bens and stainless-steel paper clips? Well, we guarantee that personalising your stationery is definitely going to motivate you to do better. Remember that amazing feeling of walking into a stationery shop back when you were a kid? It can be as magical now that we are adults. By bulking up on those colorful paper clips, personalized papers, colorful post its, and funky ball-pens, you’ll be introducing that same creativity to your adult life.

  • Peace-out with scented candles

Gentle, flickering candlelight with its warm accents and healing aura is the perfect way to get some peace of mind during a hectic work day. Whenever you feel overloaded and need a minute or two to just breathe and relax in peace, you can simply reach out for a cluster of decorative scented candles at the corner of your desk, light one up, and put your head down for a bit. It will relieve your stress, boost your mental and physical energy, and aid you in making better progress at your work afterwards. It will make your desk feel alive at the same time!

You can get creative with your candle choices. The cupcake candle is perfect for those who love colours, while pineapple shaped one is perfect in its abstract beauty. You can even buy them in bulk at a bargain price by using skinnydip discount code for 2019!

  • A whimsical bulletin board

Finding a way to de-stress at work is absolutely imperative or you’ll find yourself going stir-crazy. One of the best ways to do that is by taking on a bulletin board at the head of your desk. It can be your de-stress device. By attaching favorite posters, post-it notes, pictures, and quotes on its surface, you can use it as a reminder of all the things that inspire you to get yourself through those really stressful days at work. You can even put on fun posters of popular tourist destinations to remind yourself that good days are coming!

  • A custom calendar

Staying organized and neat is one of the best ways to stay motivated at work and what better way to do that than having a custom calendar on your desk. It can be the perfect companion for both better remembrance and keeping you on your toes when it comes to deadlines and meetings. On that note, try not to pick those drab company issued table calendars – having a little bit of crazy in your iron-clad work essentials is always a good way to keep things light and breezy.

Reinventing your workspace can be a challenging task as many of our jobs become more like chores over the course of some time. But by using some of these tips, you can definitely recreate the magic that used to be there in the first place!

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