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Physical disabilities month: interview tips to get that job!

Category: Physical Disability

Congratulations! You found a new job. You wrote the application. You got an interview!

We’re going to talk in this article about how a person with a physical disability might prepare for a job interview. However, that feels like a bit of a false flag. After all, employers want to know the same things from any candidate, how are you going to support what they do?

We’ll start then with the usual job interview tips:

  • Do your research: Find out something about the company. What do they do? What are their morals and ideas? You could talk about something they’ve recently been engaging in to show you’re keen and interested.
  • Think about presentation: What you wear will often depend on the type of job. And if you haven’t been in a work environment before then that can be difficult to gauge. If in doubt, dress smartly. You’ll make a great impression.
  • Be friendly: The person doing the interview is trying to understand how you’ll fit into their team. And the business. It’s great if you’re confident, but even if you’re not be friendly and open.

There are also a few basic considerations for giving a great interview performance:

  • Practice! If you haven’t been for an interview in a while, then it can be helpful to do some interview practice with a friend. Make up some interview questions, then ask for feedback on your answers. Use these comments to shape what you say on the day but remember employers want to see the real you – don’t treat it like a script!
  • Be ready to talk about your disability: You can, of course, choose whether to disclose a disability in a job application. If you have then be ready with some suggestions around support, you might need. And, like any job seeker, why you’re the right person for the job.
  • Consider how you will address gaps in your work history: you'll need to address the time Talk about your work history: If you’ve got an interview then the employer already thinks you’re qualified for the job. You may have gaps in your work history because of treatment, rehabilitation or illness. Don’t let that hold you back. Make sure you talk about your skills and experiences outside of work. What makes you a brilliant employee? Shout it loud!
  • It's also important for you to be an advocate for yourself in an interview. You can also use the time to educate the employer on your skills and challenges. Starting the slate with an open and honest conversation will set you in great stead for a new career with an inclusive employer.

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