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Jobs in Farming and Ranching

Category: Agriculture and Mining

Farms and ranches are establishments that produce crops, livestock, and dairy products. According to the latest data, there are 466,200 people working in agriculture in the UK.

Work on farms and ranches is busy, physically exerting and demands meticulous planning and specialised knowledge. There’s a vast range of expertise required in farming, including in nutrition, medicine, technology, soil science, vehicle and buildings maintenance. Farmers and ranchers also need to be skilled business people who understand markets in depth, both as buyers and sellers.

How much do Farmers and Ranchers earn?

Overall the average annual salary for people who work on farms is £25,578. For technical managers in related fields, the average salary is £40,111. Salaries and hourly rates of pay vary across geography and sector type. Working hours can be long and unsociable, particularly at busy times of year.

How do I become a farmer or rancher?

When it comes to owning your own farm, the initial investment’s usually the biggest hurdle. In 2015, the average cost of a single acre of land reached a record £10,067.

With new initiatives and incentives, younger generations are flocking to the industry. With a push on apprenticeships in recent years, there are plenty of opportunities to learn your trade on working farms.

If you already have experience and qualifications, you may consider farm management. The National Trust is the UK’s biggest farmer, and they’re always looking for staff to manage their farms.

Why should you think about a job in farming?

Farming’s an ancient industry that’s formed the world as we know it today. So being a part of history, and contributing to the future, is a humbling notion. Also, housing often comes with the job, so work’s on your doorstep: no more commuting!

Perhaps surprisingly for such an old industry, farming’s still growing! According to 2017-18 agricultural statistics for farming in the UK, revenues are increasing for productivity, utilised agricultural area and trade. Meanwhile, measures have been introduced to reduce negative effects to workers and the environment.

With the right attitude and entrepreneurial skills, farmers can become successful businessmen and women and thrive in the field. Want to join the growing industry? Search available jobs today.

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