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Jobs and Careers for Over 60s

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Jobs and careers for over-60s

We know that being over 60 does not mean you can’t find an exciting new job or embark on a new career. We’re so sure of that because putting people in touch with the right job or career is what we do. In fact, we specialize in assisting some of the more overlooked in society to find a job that suits them. Search available positions here.

According to The Office for National Statistics the proportion of people aged 65 and over who work has doubled since 1992 -and why not? We are living longer and leading healthier lives than ever before. VERCIDA understand that your reasons for looking for a new job are just as varied and valid as someone under 60. And more than likely have nothing to do with your age!

You might be looking for a new job because of:

  • Redundancy
  • Change in marital status
  • Change in your health
  • A move to another part of the country
  • A simple desire to do something different

There’s frequent forewarning about strain on the pension system and confirmation that the pension age will eventually be raised to 68. VERCIDA is proud to be able to offer a wide range of jobs and training opportunities available for over 60s. Finding one is a matter of deciding what you want to do. You can get some inspiration from our database here.

Age-inclusive employers

We understand that there are many perceptions of ageism in recruitment. The thing to remember is that you have a lot to contribute to the workforce. The negative myths around employing older people are being dispelled daily. The Government has even appointed a dedicated team to promote the benefits of older workers to employers and champion employment opportunities. Our employers know that you have decades of practical experience plus the transferrable skills and pragmatism that come with that. See who we work with here.

Research by The Princes Responsible Business Trust shows that workers aged over 50 are five times less likely to change jobs than younger counterparts. They also take less sick days on average than those under 30. Employing older workers actually saves companies time and money, and they recognize that.

Regardless of the reason that you are now seeking a job, VERCIDA can help you to find the job most suited to who you are. We work with reputable, forward thinking employers. Companies with a proven track record of treating all their employees well regardless of age, race, gender, religion or disabilities.

Retraining and apprenticeships for older people

The idea of retraining might seem daunting but the government is putting new energy in to making retraining easier for the over 60’s. A paper released earlier this year states that they are actively pursuing “ambitious new approaches to encouraging lifelong learning”. Instigating higher age cap for student loans, Adult learning funds for over 24’s, and with a new focus on higher-level apprenticeships. You could conceivably retrain or up skill whilst embarking on a brand-new career or transferring your experience to a new employer. Why not use these new opportunities to embrace something you’ve always been interested in. Perhaps push through that managerial barrier without having to ‘go back to school’, Check out the training and apprenticeship options on our database here.

Apprenticeships aren’t just cheap labour for young people entering the job market anymore. You can study in new or familiar sectors to a level equivalent to a university foundation degree. Mature apprentices are paid at least minimum wage while they study with many employers paying more dependent on skill levels. You can take the skills you’ve spent years honing and use them to gain qualifications and better wages in a job you’re appreciated in. You can find out more about what you are entitled to on The Apprenticeship Guide.

Hear VERCIDA CEO, Morgan Lobb discuss apprenticeships for older people here on the BBC Radio Nottingham Show with Mark Dennison: 


What job opportunities you can expect

The world of work is changing. The new economy that’s emerging will see older workers embrace new skills to complement the one’s they bring with them. This brings a depth of experience to new opportunities. It’s a time to think about computer technology or skilled labour. In the computer technology sector, you might enjoy problem solving as a help desk assistant. Try a more a practical application as an installation technician, or being more creative as a website designer.

Perhaps you’re happier working with your hands and want to look at more skilled labour jobs like engineering or construction. With jobs ranging from small-scale housing projects to large-scale industrial installation the opportunities are as varied as you want them to be. Of course we’re just selecting a few of the many options you have in the job market to illustrate a point. We work with a range of employers offering career paths across sectors including sales, design, banking, customer service, technology and more. Why not search our database of available jobs here.

Where to start

Start with your own vision. Ask yourself some simple questions.

  • What do I like to do?
  • What are my skills?
  • What are my financial needs?
  • What do I want for my future?

We can help you find the next step on your career path. Search our database of opportunities here

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VERCIDA works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with VERCIDA to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email [email protected] for more information.

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