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Is your CV in shape this new year?

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The New Year brings a surge in people buying gym memberships. But whether or not you plan to tone up your physique, the chances are your CV could do with some attention. Employers who invest in their people are hiring now. Get ready to face the new year head-on with our customisable jobs search. Put your CV, and your job search, through ourthree-step fitness programme.

Step 1: Trim down the fat

For most non-technical CVs, one to two pages of A4 is all you need to convey key information about your work history and skills. Even if yours is within that limit, it might still help tocut out some additional bulk. For a quick way to achieve a lean, impactful résumé, hit delete on your keyboard for the following:

  • The bio or introductory paragraph. Make this a short, simple headline or remove it altogether.
  • Your school/college education. Unless you’re a school leaver, the space is better left for work history.
  • Lengthy paragraphs. Use brief bullet points to précis previous jobs. You can go into further detail in your covering letter.
  • Outdated skills such as Microsoft Word. It’s a given. However, if you have skills in technical programmes relevant to the job, make sure they’re mentioned. That’s a valuable asset.
  • Any hobbies or interests that aren’t directly relevant.

Step 2: Target those key areas

Applications need to be relevant and targeted to the specific job. This probably means producing a new CV each time you apply for a new role.Once you have a simple and effective framework in place, use the job description as a guide for selecting the right skills and experience to include. If you think smart, it’s pretty easy to switch around the focus of a list.

Step 3: Tone up

When it comes to a CV, appearance counts. When you have a draft ready, ask yourself:

  • What first impressions does your CV give? Read it from back-to-front, squint at it sideways. What information can you spot at a quick glance? If the answer is anything too general or vague, all your hard work may go to waste.
  • Is the formatting fit for purpose? Make it easy to read on a screen. Use simple fonts at point 10 or 12 and subtle headings to create a svelte, professional look.
  • Are there any errors? Eradicate typos and run it through a spell-check.
  • Is there a punchy message? You want it to be solid and factual, packed with statements that prove your capabilities.

Now you have a CV to be proud of, take some time to think about the best companies to show it off to. Search our list of employers and available vacancies here.

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