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Getting the best out of you at Haymarket

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 Getting the best out of you at Haymarket


Getting the best out of you with Haymarket

Sometimes, we learn things or need to do things in a different way to those around us and it’s ok to need a bit more help. This is particularly true for our colleagues who are neurodivergent and when disabilities are hidden, it’s not always understood that someone needs to do something differently or can’t do something without specific support. 

At Haymarket, we’re on board with that. We value, celebrate and respect difference and we want everyone to thrive in their role. After all, your success is our success.

So we recently launched a new tool that allows any colleague (neurodivergent or not) to have a conversation with their manager about how they work best, so everyone can have the right support tailored to their learning style

The tool will also facilitate any adjustments that someone might need in their role, so they can carry it out successfully without being hindered by ways of working that don’t suit them. 

This new tool has been driven and championed by Haymarket’s DEI Neurodiversity network. It allows any colleague (regardless of whether or not you are neurodiverse) to have a conversation with their line manager about how they work best, so your manager can support you and facilitate your learning style.

The purpose is to:

  • Act as a starting point for discussion when an employee joins the business, changes roles internally, or begins to work with a new line manager.
  • Provide employees and line managers with a structure and a safe space to discuss learning styles, preferred ways of working, and workplace adjustments.
  • Ensure the employee and line manager have a shared record of what has been discussed and agreed

Who is it for?

This is for every employee at Haymarket to enable a structured conversation with their manager about how they work at their best, and how their manager can support them.

Claire Groves, Director of Commercial Operations and Analytics for Haymarket Automotive and spokesperson for the Neurodiversity Group said: “I am so proud to have influenced this initiative and it’s fantastic to see it launch today. 

“This will provide a framework for managing (all) people respectfully and allow individuals to access the support that they need, while offering them dignity. Nice one Haymarket!” 

Jess Barclay, Head of HR at Haymarket said: “When the Neurodiversity network came to the People team with this initiative we were really excited. We believe this is a framework that can benefit everyone at Haymarket, as it enables us to have better conversations with our managers about our individual preferences and helps ensure ways of communicating can work best for all of us.”


Below are some example statements where this tool might be useful

When I know where I’m sitting, I can plan and manage any sensory issues. If I have to sit somewhere new every day, it makes me anxious as I don’t know whether the lights or sounds in each seat will affect me. 

When people write big blocks of text, I struggle to read it all. It’s much more helpful to receive information with clear headings or bullet points. 

If you talk to me about different things without pausing, I won’t process everything that is said. Allowing me to interrupt to clarify my understanding or just checking I’m still with you, helps me a lot.

I’m a doodler. It’s how I concentrate and it lets my thoughts flow. Don’t think I’m not listening, I listen better this way. 

Don’t ask me to respond immediately, I need to have a good think and to organise my thoughts first. 

I can’t concentrate if there’s a ticking clock near me. Well I can concentrate, but only on the ticking!! Same with those noisy typers - you take all my energy.

I’m dyslexic and I’m not going to be the best minute taker in meetings. I need a pass for that. 

If an instruction is too vague, I won’t be able to start that task. Please help by providing as much detail as possible, where I can find out more and in what order you want me to do something. 

If I get interrupted during a task, I find it really hard to get started again. I need to be able to focus without interruption - can I have a desk sign that says ‘Do Not Disturb’? 


For more infomration on Haymarket's diversity & inclusion programmes and initiatives please click here.


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