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How to Get a Job at Job Fairs

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By Ryan Farquharson - Co-founder & CEO at ExpoCart

Job fairs can be a great opportunity for networking and finding your next work position! But if you’re looking to get the most of a job fair and increase your chances of making good connections that will advance your career, you should plan accordingly. There is much going on at this kind of event, and candidates typically have to fight for the attention span of employers. So if you’re looking to cut through the noise and make a stellar impression, here are some useful bits of advice that you may want to keep in mind. Read through the following sections and start planning a better future today.

Pay close attention to employer’s roller banners

All the stands you’ll be visiting during a job fair will be decorated with high quality roller banners uk that different companies use to try and stand out from the crowd. You can learn a lot simply by looking attentively at these banners, including what is the message and how good is the design. You need to learn to use roller banners as visual guides to help you navigate through the chaos of a job fair since this will allow you directing your attention to the opportunities that speak directly to you. In fact, when for some reason you especially relate to the look or the message of a banner, you may want to take the time to point it out to the employers - it can be a nice way to strike up a conversation.

Look at the floor plan and make your plan

While you can learn a lot by watching the roller banner contents in a job fair very carefully, walking around without a plan is not the best plan. Job fairs tend to be very busy and there’s a lot of opportunities around, so you will hardly find what you’re looking for if you just leave it to chance. So rather than just walking in with a cheery face and sharp eyes and hoping for the best, you may want to do a little preliminary research work before you actually visit the job fair. You can do this easily by paying attention to the floor plan and doing a little research on which companies you really want to interact with. By deciding this beforehand, you will have a goal to follow while you’re roaming about the job fair, and your time there will be much more productive.

Practice your elevator pitch until it’s natural

Visiting a job fair armed with a solid action plan is only half of the battle. If you’re looking to really make your time there worthwhile, you should be prepared to take initiative and really sell yourself effectively. You need to be very presentable (so dress accordingly) and very appealing, so make sure to introduce yourself confidently whenever you visit a stand and make sure you know what you’re going to say. It’s a good idea to prepare a fast pitch where you introduce yourself and highlight what makes you valuable as an employer; practice this speech until it comes out very naturally. Look for the right moment to deliver your pitch – you don’t want to just jump right in and start a rant on how good you are. Before you start selling yourself, make sure to first establish a connection, ask questions about the company and show you have a good understanding of their area of business.

Come up with creative business contacts

If you plan your visit to a job fair and make sure to strategically visit the most relevant stands only and deliver your best pitch after making a good initial impression, you will warm up to lots of employers. By having a creative business contact that you can leave behind to help people remind you, the chances of receiving follow-up contacts will be much higher. So rather than handing out a simple business card, you may want to step things up a notch and design a tasteful flyer that summarizes your elevator pitch as well as featuring your contacts. This will be a nice reminder that you can leave behind as proof of your proactivity and professionalism, and it will be appreciated by your potential new employers.

About the Author

Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO at ExpoCart which is the one stop shop marketplace for products and services for exhibitions and events. Through our intuitive platform, we make it easy to companies to hire and purchase everything they need for their exhibitions in just a few simple clicks for venues across the UK.

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