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Free Online Classes You Can Take by the End of This Year

Category: Learning and Development

Whether you want online art classes, programming, marketing or anything else, there is a lot people can gain from studying online. And whether you are still in high school, you will still know how to take online classes for high school. Many of existing online classes only take a few weeks to finish.

Examples of available online classes

  • HTML5

If you posses some basics of HTML and are familiar with CSS, we recommend taking HTML5 free online classes. Learners will be taught how to use tags, various coding methods and ways of animate website graphics through many exercises.


  • Essay writing

This is online lessons that teach ways to write essays and edit them perfectly to ensure there are zero errors. You will be taught how to write long essays and thesis statements. You will also be equipped with good skills of writing great introductions and conclusions.


  • Social change Journalism

Journalism for social change online classes will teach you how to use media and journalism to bring social change. You will be taught how to report and make your work bring political will that will lead to good policy solutions. This will additionally lead to getting strategies that will make you become a good change agent.


  • Entrepreneurship

Such a course is taught in universities but it is now possible to get unpaid online classes which can equip learners with the same skills that are gotten in school. Each part of the course comprises of case studies of entrepreneurs from various fields. From the case studies, learners can be able to understand how to move from an idea to understanding the people who purchase products.


  • Cyber security

Cyber security online classes can help learners discover everything associated with privacy and security in IT. You will be taught how cyber crimes happen and what their consequences are. You will also study about the effects of networked surveillance systems.


Were you wondering how hard are online classes? We believe you have now seen that they are as simple as playing games. As long as you are ready to learn and you have time, you are good to go. Are you currently studying online? Share with us your experiences and ask us questions if you have any.


Author bio: Joshua Sherman has worked with distinguished companies and understands what it takes to get good jobs. He acted as a consultant for top 10 online casino UK on recruitment. He therefore ensures to always encourage others about the benefits of learning new skills so that they can do well in life. He has written many education-related articles so far.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshua.sherman.7393

Twitter: @JoshuaS09991225

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