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Cambridge Assessment: Why move to Cambridge?

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Cambridge Assessment: Why move to Cambridge?

Written by James Digby - Group Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand Lead at Cambridge Assessment

It wasn’t long ago that my journey to work involved a Transport for London “estimated” 35 minute tube ride and a 15 minute walk. These days however this 50 minute journey is done on foot and the dark tunnel is replaced with; one nature reserve, two fields, one Biomedical campus, two or more Heron and the odd hare.

If this alone wasn’t reason enough to make the move from London to Cambridge then the lifestyle it provides was the extra push I needed. Did I miss the limitless pubs, bars and attractions London has to offer? Yes, at first. Did I find Cambridge to have everything I could want and more? I certainly did.

London isn’t more than 50 minutes on the train at the weekend and it’s nice to visit London and be able to come home to such a green city (although I appreciate London is indeed very green in places).  

Described as Silicon Fen and coupled with some absolutely amazing historical sites Cambridge has a perfect balance of tradition and modernity. The reality of this is that you are surrounded by a wide range of people from various backgrounds with various interests.

It’s brilliant to see the success Cambridge has had over the last 20 years in various forms around the city. In these years there has been an increase from exactly no billion dollar companies to fourteen, pretty impressive for a city of 128,000 (in 2013).

If you are thinking about making the move my top things to consider are:

  1. Your method of commuting. Unless you are committed to only using your car as transport then Cambridge is incredibly easy to navigate around. Bus-ways allow quick access to the centre either by foot, bike or bus. A strong network of bus lanes and cycle paths make public transport or cycling probably the best method of getting around. Park and Ride or travelling by train is probably the best way of getting here.
  2. Property prices. Cambridge has some amazing places to live but as with any city do consider the surrounding areas. The centre of Cambridge, as with many other towns and cities, isn’t a cheap place to buy but there are some good renting options available. Wherever you settle locally you won’t be far from the countryside, a good transport method into Cambridge and a very old local pub.
  3. Education, Education and Education. This is probably the easiest point as Cambridge certainly doesn’t lack in education centres. Learning here isn’t just for children and students; there are hundreds of activities and education groups for adults so it’s worth exploring what you can sign up to in your local area.
  4. Get a great job. Cambridge has an amazing range of job opportunities for pretty much whatever background you have so finding something you love won’t be hard. Cambridge was reported to be one of the only cities which were barely touched by the economic down turn in 2008. If you are looking for a role in Cambridge or have any questions about working here please feel free to send me an InMail.
  5. Make the most of events available. With music festivals, beer festivals and even a handful of apple festivals there will always be something for you to get involved in whatever your interests. The Corn Exchange is a great place to see a play, musician or comedian so I would recommend keeping an eye out for what is coming up.

I am sure that there are lots more things to consider so if anyone has any other points please do add them in the comments.  

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