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Changing Faces began its work in 1992 to help people who have a disfigurement find a way to live the life they want.

We are caring campaigners – caring and empowering in supportive, friendly, positive and inspiring ways, and campaigning in our education and advocacy work by being forthright, informed, counter-cultural and determined.

We are here to help people conquer fears, take the first steps and ultimately take control, by being on a client’s side and by their side as they define their own sense of identity, their purpose and realise their dreams. We help build people’s confidence to live their life on their terms. And we challenge prejudice, respect differences and speak to a world that needs to change.

What we want to achieve

We want each person who has an unusual appearance to be living their life without the anxiety or fear of being ignored, physically or verbally abused, harassed, restricted, rejected or ejected.

We want to see a world which consciously assumes that anyone with a disfigurement is capable of achieving at school, finding love, reaching their career goals or simply going to the pub with their friends on a Friday night.

A world where people positively welcome a new baby with a cleft lip and palate, invite the school friend who has Apert syndrome to their child’s birthday party, and confidently shake the hand of the interview candidate who has eczema.

A world where doctors and health care professionals understand the importance of providing the proper help and support, which gives people with a disfigurement the ability to live the life they want.

We want every teacher to have the same level of ambition for a student’s future, whether they have a disfigurement or not.

We want every employer to address their unconscious bias and behaviours so these do not influence their judgement when looking at someone’s suitability for a role or a promotion.

We want everyone who shapes our culture to commit to rejecting and discarding centuries-old myth and stigmatising language and imagery, which are the origins and excuses for disfigurement prejudice and discrimination.

We want nothing short of a complete reframing of disfigurement which tells the truth about this experience and acknowledges everyone’s right to acceptance on equal terms.

We want face equality.

What we do

  • Support adults, children and families to live confident, happy lives
  • Train health care professionals to provide our unique package of support alongside medical treatment or surgery
  • Educate and inform businesses, the NHS and public bodies, schools, and the media to develop new beliefs, expectations and practices
  • Influence opinion formers in parliament and government to ensure our important message is heard
  • Challenge the public and policy makers to think differently and create a fair society
  • Stand up to prejudice wherever it appears, strengthening the case for face equality

Today Changing Faces is a £1.8m charity which employs around 30 staff, supported by hundreds of volunteers across the UK. The team includes professionals from psychology, social work, counselling, teaching, health economics, human rights law, local government, management, public relations, communications and fundraising.

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