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We believe in multicultural workplaces that welcome all faiths, views and new ideas. However, many people report that quality jobs for people of different faiths are not always available. Employers may not be considerate of a person’s faith or ethnic heritage. VERCIDA is committed to changing that. We offer people of different faiths job listings and career opportunities from companies that believe in inclusiveness and diversity. We are one of the leading multi-faith job sites in the UK.

Why diversity in business is important

We believe employers who practice diversity don’t just make for better workplace environments. When creating jobs for muslims employers can consider:

  • modest dress codes
  • prayer-friendly working schedules
  • suitable washing facilities
  • leave policies with recognise the importance of the religious holidays
  • catered meal options suitable for people of different faiths 

Companies who prioritise diversity will have access to a wider range of ideas, knowledge, and skills with which to approach their day to day operations. Research from McKinsey and others is reporting that businesses with diverse workforces do better financially. Diversity also benefits job applicants themselves. 

How VERCIDA helps individuals

At VERCIDA, we think everyone has something to offer regardless of religious belief or heritage. Religious people in the UK, and the perspectives they bring, contribute much to businesses up and down the country. And there are still many more employers who need the skills you possess.

We also know that it isn’t just formal qualifications that matter to potential employers. Any kind of volunteer work you have undertaken, or other activities and hobbies you do in your spare time, will add to your CV and help set you apart as an individual. 

VERCIDA’s resources also gives you access to careers, graduate schemes, and apprenticeships in nearly every industry. Moreover, we add new employers to our site every day from a vast range of sectors, including:

  • Information technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Food service
  • Hospitality
  • Property management

Our promise

We are proud of our effectiveness in promoting jobs for people of different faiths. When you apply for any job through VERCIDA, you can be certain that you will be applying to work with an inclusive employer where your opportunities will not be impacted by your religion, ethnicity, or heritage. Search jobs with inclusive employers here. 

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