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Bring your ‘whole self’ to work at Teneo!

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Hear from Teneo's Austin Allaire on how the Teneo Pride ERG empowers him to bring his ‘whole self’ to work!

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What is Teneo Pride?

Teneo Pride is an Employee Resource Group for Teneoites who identify as LGBTQ+ and our allies. Our group consists of employees at all stages in their career – and from all business lines within our organisation – in offices across the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the group is three-fold: first, we serve as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the LGBTQ+ community at Teneo, finding ways that we can strengthen our already market-leading employee value proposition for members of our community. Second, we connect colleagues with shared identities and life experiences from across the UK and, indeed, around the world. Third, we provide a platform for volunteering and service; in London, we partner with The Outside Project, an LGBTQ+ Community Centre located just a 5-minute walk from our offices.


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What sorts of things does Teneo Pride do?

To explain this, I think it is helpful to look at a recent case study. February is LGBTQ+ History Month in the UK, and Teneo Pride took every opportunity to mark the occasion.

First off, we joined company meetings across the business to introduce the ERG and highlight the month. We also sent out weekly company-wide emails which addressed key topics such as LGBTQ+ history and intersectionality, alongside stories from LGBTQ+ employees and our allies. We also rolled out rainbow lanyards across our UK and US offices, providing everyone with an opportunity to sport their pride across the month.

The month culminated in a hybrid Company-wide celebration, with leaders from across the UK speaking on LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace, with rainbow-themed cupcakes as a fun treat for our in-person attendees.

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What has it meant to have Teneo Pride as a resource?

I often think about how far my community has come within the UK just within my lifetime. In the year I was born, someone like me could be fired in the UK simply for being LGBTQ+. In the year I started primary school, LGBTQ+ folks were not allowed to serve their nation in the armed forces. In the year I finished school, same-sex couples could not yet demonstrate their love through marriage. And it wasn’t until I graduated from university that the WHO declassified being transgender as a mental illness.

We have made such immense progress in the past 25 years – progress of which I am a grateful and humble beneficiary.

As a young professional, Teneo Pride offers a platform to connect and contribute – to connect with other LGBTQ+ professionals in my company and be inspired by the stories of those who have paved the way for me to be here today. Teneo Pride also offers the opportunity to contribute to our future progress as a community, ensuring that we live our values as a business. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Teneo Pride gives me confidence in the workplace, knowing the company is ok with – and is, in fact, encouraging – me to bring my ‘whole self’ to work.


For more details on Teneo's diversity and inclusion programmes and initiatives please click here.

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