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Review: "Why are you pretending to be normal?"

Category: Industry News, inclusion, disability, unconscious bias, disable, technique, viewpoints

Dr Phil Friend OBE and Dave Rees present practical tools and techniques which have helped many disabled people successfully deal with the most challenging aspects of living with a disability.

If you have a disability or know someone who does then this book will change the way you think around physical disability.

'Why are you pretending to be normal?' asks the questions that anyone with a disability needs to ask him or herself.

This engaging story offers viewpoints and ideas that have already inspired many disabled people to stop simply coping with their disability and start managing it. This has enabled them to lead more productive and satisfying lives. The book offers ideas and suggestions that are designed to help everyone involved understand the difficulties faced and reduce them.

Kate Headley, Development Director for The Clear Company, has read the book and adds; "First and foremost this book is a thoroughly good read, but more importantly it takes you on a journey of discovery. You learn about yourself and you learn about the impact of you, on other people. The book puts you in control in a considered way with thinking tools and a new level of understanding on which to build and take responsibility. The book challenges itself throughout, allowing you to hold those internal debates along with the writer as you follow the journey with Chris.

Confirming the social model of disability as being nothing to do with being 'PC' and everything to do with being inclusive and respectful, imaginative and realistic, this book gives you the confidence to have open conversations that can sometimes feel a little daunting.

Empowerment is a key tool in the disabled persons toolkit, this book is hugely empowering and insightful making it a must read for everyone out there like me who is pretending to be normal when in fact...no one is!"

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