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Working with QBE Insurance: How do we find work-life balance?

Category: Work-Life Balance, Health and Wellbeing

Working with QBE Insurance

How do you find your own balance? Technology is making us ever more connected to our work, and the people around us, but there are challenges in keeping a healthy attitude. The team at QBE tackled this question head-on at their event on 12th at Plantation Place, part of celebrations of their Work, Life and Family month.

Visitors were giving the chance to dive into a digital detox at their social media talk and offered a moment's indulgence with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage in the wellbeing room. Jenny Rich, QBE Human Resources Director explained, “We understand that your own health and wellbeing plays an important role in achieving a good balance inside and outside work.”

“Topics we’ve talked about this week include the realities of technological advancement and the impact it has on our daily lives, including the dangers of social media and top tips for maintaining a positive experience with all social media platforms. It’s also been great to let people get to see the networks we offer.”

There were a whole selection of exhibitors from these groups at the event’s Wellbeing Fair. These included:

  • Pride

  • Circle

  • Workability

  • Employee Assistance Programme

  • Headspace

  • Bupa health checks

  • Yoga club

  • Running club

  • The QBE Foundation

  • Alzheimer's Society

Responsible employers put great policies in place to support their staff. They don’t have all the answers though. Balance and wellbeing are a vital part of keeping you fresh and motivated in the workplace but effectively, it starts with you. Here are our top tips for getting the best out of your time, energy and productivity:

  • Manage your commitments: If you want to take on a new project but already feel stretched then clear something out of your schedule. Working on one in, one out will help you keep excited about what you do – and make sure you have the time to do it well.
  • Home time is your time: It’s difficult to do when you have a lot on, and you’re engaged in your work, but try to switch off out of hours. Mentally download your mind before you leave work (or home). Write a list. Turn it over. Don’t go back to it until you get back to the office (or back home).
  • Can you delegate: Does that particular job need you to do it? If you are already busy, then could it be delegated? Connected to this is the importance of asking for help. If you have a problem, get it out in the open. People usually will be happy to help.
  • Have your own interests: One night a week, or month, or whatever you can manage. do something for yourself. Not something that does anyone else benefit. Not something you’re obliged to do. Switch off your phone. Leave your inbox unchecked. Don’t put it off – this time is important. 

The QBE Insurance Group is one of the world’s top insurers and reinsurers and supports clients across more than 150 countries. They have extensive employee support networks in place and pride themselves as a diverse, inclusive employer. Learn more about roles available with them here: https://www.vercida.com/uk/employers/qbe

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VERCIDA works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with VERCIDA to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email info@vercida.com for more information.

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