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Challenges - Part 2  

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I wrote in an earlier blog about challenges we may face in the workplace, well I would like to share something that happened to me a week ago.

We were coming home from a day out and I was tired, I tripped and fell and did quite a lot of damage to myself. I had to go to the hospital twice as they thought I'd broken my jaw, fortunately I hadn't.

It made me realise how vulnerable I was and maybe, after so many people had suggested it, I would have to think about using a stick.

My pride got in the way, thinking I had managed so many years not using one, why should I start now?

When I think how lucky I've been and not done any serious damage to myself, I should stop being stubborn and resign myself to using one.

Each one of us have our limitations whether we have challenges in our life or not.

It is how we confront them that is important and make sure that we don't put ourselves or others at risk.

Over the past week it has made me realise that something in my life has got to change and that may be the introduction of "the stick".

Please don't feel that I have no sympathy for those who have challenges which need a stick, I do, it is I'm afraid my pride that gets in the way, having managed for so many years without one.

We are so fortunate to have resources to draw on for help, to get advice and encouragement.

How we use these resources is important, so can we benefit from them. To be able to network helps, so use and confidence of social media is vital.

To be positive is the way forward and manage challenges well, helps individuals become confident in their environment, enabling them to become independent.

It's not always easy to take advice, as I am finding that myself, but it is a way forward.


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