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Celebrating Talent at Bloomberg - Sallianne's Award Winning Success

Category: Achievements

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In this Q&A, Sallianne Taylor shares how Bloomberg has evolved in the past three decades, how she continues to have a successful career as a working mother, and what inspires her. Sallianne works in Global Data in the Bloomberg London office and is the 2018 Woman of the Year in Waters Technology and Data award recipient.

Sallianne Taylor, Head of Market Structure and Strategic Alliances for Bloomberg’s Global Data group in London, has been successfully navigating a 30-year career at Bloomberg by traversing multiple business areas. Over the years, she has developed an expertise in growing a business built on quality data. She seized a number of opportunities to reach her current role managing strategic relationships with global providers of real-time market data for the Bloomberg Terminal.

During the course of her career, Sallianne contributed to key milestones that developed and grew Bloomberg as a business. For example, she formed part of the Analytics founding team, contributed to the earliest enterprise products suite, and supported Bloomberg’s move into a number of developing markets.

Most recently, her leadership and contributions in shaping the direction of market data in the financial community won her the 2018 Woman of the Year in Waters Technology and Data Award. Her leadership roles include election to the Executive Committee of the Financial Information Services Association (FISD), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) Market Data Working Group, and the Corporate Working Group of the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative.

Tell us about some milestones you’ve been involved in.
Being involved in the sale of the first “open” Terminal, the first to be connected to the internet — is a highlight. It was through this sale to Dutch bank ABN Amro in 1996 that we came up with the concept of data licensing, enabling clients to use their data more flexibly — and thus, informing my move into managing and developing Bloomberg’s data licensing model.

Then, as manager of product strategy, I was deeply involved in overseeing the connectivity of exchanges well before I officially worked in that department. This role saw me create Bloomberg connections to the London Stock Exchange, Euronext, and other exchanges — enabling clients to trade directly with these entities for the first time.

How did you grow your career at Bloomberg? 
You never know what opportunities lie around the corner at Bloomberg, and I’ve always been open to saying ‘yes’ to new experiences as they came my way.

One such opportunity came knocking unexpectedly in 2002, when I was in my role as Product Strategy manager for Europe and Asia, I went out on maternity leave — and was not entirely sure what the future held career-wise for me. The day before I was due to return to work Stuart Bell called and asked me to run the Analytics desk. I said yes, and haven’t looked back since.

How have you managed growing your career as a working mother?
Whether you’re a parent or not, it’s always important to maintain a good balance between work and life. Prior to becoming a parent I travelled almost every week. Now the travel is less frequent but tends to be for longer periods, so I’m lucky to have great family support at home.

In addition, my daughters have always been supportive of my career and were very proud when I won the 2018 Woman of the Year in Waters Technology and Data Award. It’s fabulous to be recognized externally (and internally) for the accomplishments I’ve achieved. I hope this award win will inspire my daughters and professionals both women and men to reach for their career goals and see the ability to succeed is within all of us.

How has Bloomberg evolved over the past 30 years?
Bloomberg has changed immensely. When I was hired, I was the 30th person in the London office. The following year I sat next to the first two journalists covering our region, and if a Terminal was sold that week the entire team would head to the local wine bar that Friday.

It’s been a privilege to ‘grow up’ with the company. One of the great things about my role is being able to utilize the network of people I’ve worked with over these years. As Mike Bloomberg intended, the ramp in the new London office provides opportunities to meet people I haven’t seen for years. It really does drive knowledge sharing.

In terms of the Global Data department and its evolution, this has moved its focus from the simple collection of data to a more strategic based role by predicting our customers’ needs — rather than just reacting to them. Technical skills have become key to any role in Global Data, however analytical skills are equally as important. It is imperative that our teammates understand the data, its value, and its impact for our clients.

What do you find inspiring about your current role?
It’s incredibly fulfilling helping emerging countries develop their markets. Through expanding our footprint in these regions we’re increasingly finding new ways to collaborate and partner with central banks, exchanges, and local financial entities.

Whether it’s enabling access to live market data or selling a Terminal, our work in Global Data plays a role in building that economy, however big or small. We were the first international vendor to add real-time data from Nigeria, and now they’re really forging ahead in terms of Africa’s economic development.

Any advice on how to best develop and grow a career at Bloomberg?
Be prepared to think on your feet and have a broad understanding of how the Bloomberg ecosystem fits together, especially when talking to clients. It helps immensely to understand what other people and departments do. So network, meet as many people face-to-face as you can, and when opportunities arise to experience other offices and business areas, take them up!

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