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A Cure for a Society Epidemic

Category: Blogger's Corner, Government, Ethnicity, career, genetic chromosomes, NHS consent, experiment

I wake from my normal periodic hibernation, from a deep sleep of this obligated genetic chromosomes that has been injected in my blood by our government in an NHS consent experiment in their hope to fund a cure for the system as others in my equal illness. Virus unemployment, bacterial contamination, something for nothing. In my hunt for finding a bloody victim job, I feed myself ambition and exploration. And there it was! Just there, quietly in the dark of a corner of an advertisement site - fresh meat.

In silence I approach my victim without giving notice of it to any other predators nearby, in my experience I build my attack CV, and step by step I start getting closer, when near enough to jump, I measure my distance for the target carefully. I place my bet and wait for the interest of my victim, then watch all the noise of other site predators pass through. Waooh, they didn't see it or me, lucky me, I was one of that periodic runnings of other packs of wolfs starving for aliment for so long that have lost their senses and objectives. Back in silence again, I make my attempt, I bring all my energies up in my body and claws, my concentration and adrenaline is at the peak, then by surprise I jump straight on the target.

What is happening, am I hallucinating? No, no, no! I slap myself even to check I am not in a dream. Then I think, is this some kind of hologram? Or some government trap for animal monsters like me? I even imagine that I was all prepared to test individuals that volunteer themselves for the NHS program to find the cure for this illness that is attacking individuals in our society, but wasn't.

All feels so real and yet made to fail, that after some time we can smell and feel it. Why can no vaccine ever be found and make the cure till all the system organisations and offices become organised themselves? We soon need another vaccine, another drug for society that will enable people to be able to dream and realise goals again.

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