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6 Safety Measures for Factory Employees

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Health and Safety features in the workplace

To take care of employees, visitors and passers by, it’s important you take health and safety seriously within a factory environment.

Hopefully, you’ve carried out a risk assessment and taken measures to lower the risks and while some health and safety measures are usually quite obvious, others need a bit more thought and attention. With this in mind, here we take you through five must-haves for the best health and safety in a factory environment:


Possibly the most important aspect when it comes to risk assessments is noting training requirements for current and temping staff. You must have a protocol in place so that when new people join the business, even if it’s just for half a day, they undergo routine training on how to avoid an incident.

As factories are constantly changing environments, you should recognise that training is a continuous process and everything from what PPE to wear and when on the factory floor to the correct method when using a machine should be covered, regularly.


Another must have health and safety measure is ensuring that all staff and visitors have access to the right equipment in order to get through the day. A risk assessment must be carried out regularly of workplace equipment and the right PPE provided at all times. This should be of high quality and fit correctly, as well as complying with specific industry regulations.

Visitors should also be directed to the right safety clothing such as reflective clothing, hard hats and steel capped boots depending on the circumstances.

Industrial Flooring

A sure way to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe is by keeping the maintenance up on your industrial floors. Heavy-duty floors are made specifically for factory settings and can withstand high pressures and constant use without becoming damaged. Keep cleaning equipment close by in case of spillages and ensure wet surfaces are acted upon quickly to avoid slips and trips – the most common cause of workplace injuries.

Moving Heavy Objects

Employees could become seriously injured while moving heavy objects and machinery, so it’s important to have strict training in place to protect everyone. If something new is introduced to the factory – whether that be machinery or a new product – that needs to be moved, ensure staff communicate and a new method is implemented.

Lifting jobs can also be aided by supplying assisting machinery such as hydraulic trolleys, fitted with heavy weight bearing castor wheels. Tente, for example, supply stable castor wheels that are robust and ensure easy rolling - making them perfect for manoeuvring heavy objects around complex factory environments.

Clear Signage

It is a health and safety requirement that you fix signs around the factory where there is a possible hazard. This includes labelling and making workers aware of everything from hot taps in kitchens and bathrooms to alerting people to buried cables.

Reporting system

In the event of an injury, it must be logged and reported immediately. It’s imperative from a health and safety perspective that incidents are kept track of, so that they can be monitored and measures put in place to prevent them happening again. A log book is a good place to start, put your designated first aiders in charge of monitoring and keeping this updated then review it regularly.

Most of these health and safety measures should be commonplace in all working environments, but they are particularly important on factory floors. Take some time to check over your current health and safety plan and ensure that these preventive measures are put in place immediately.

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