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Job description

Salary: Police officer pay scales dependent upon length of service + London weighting (£3384) + free travel on TfL services and heavily subsidised travel on National Rail.
Recruitment Code: Oleeo 4961
Location: Across London, but locations will vary dependent on post applied for.
Closing date: Ongoing
The Met are keen to hear from all officers with varied skillsets.

We are welcoming applications from individuals who are interested in transferring to the Met from another force.
Once you have highlighted your specialist skills on your application and where you feel you would be best suited to be posted, a SPOC from that command will contact you to assist and ascertain if you have the required skills to progress within that command.
Candidates should have completed their probation with their current force to be eligible to apply.
The 'Taskforce' is a command of specialist Officers encompassing the Dog support unit, Mounted branch, Marine support unit and Territorial support group to support front line policing across London 24/7.

The marine policing unit
Providing a 24/7 response to waterborne incidents across London, the Marine Policing Unit helps specialist officers to operate in a marine environment. In addition to the 47 miles of the River Thames to police, we also support boroughs by investigating incidents on the 250 miles of canals and waterways. That includes line access (or searches at height), counter terrorism patrols, and conducting underwater and confined space searches. The waterways are a unique policing environment, bringing fresh challenges every day. And to ensure you're the best you can be, we'll provide access to interesting courses, most of which you can do at our Wapping home. All our teams are licensed search officers, and you'll become qualified in Rope Access Searching, and Tactical Marine Support.
It's not a quiet life on the river. Our officers are trained to a minimum level of Royal Yacht Association Advanced Powerboat and Yacht master Theory. Plus, you will need to pass the Port of London local knowledge exam. So it takes a lot of commitment and determination to be qualified Boat Handlers - with tough training sessions and courses to complete. But, as a result, our people are exceptionally skilled at what they do. And always in demand.

Mounted branch
As well as providing horseback policing, responding to both planned and spontaneous disorder across London, our officers also have high-profile ceremonial and military escort duties. Being Mounted Officers, we're able to patrol London and help reduce crime in a unique way. It makes us accessible to the public, and puts us in an invaluable position to engage with different communities on a daily basis. Having an 8-foot high vantage point means we're able to efficiently police public demonstrations that can quickly turn hostile. It's even been estimated that just one of our officers on a trained horse is as effective as a dozen officers on foot, in such situations.
The Mounted Branch may be a small unit, but its impact is far-reaching - our open space and rough terrain search capability is unparalleled. And our visibility while on patrol allows us to maintain crucial public order. So we've got a lot to offer here at the Mounted Branch - from the variety of duties, to the real sense of personal achievement. Our officers take great pride in everything they do. So we'll put in the hours to ensure all our officers and horses are absolutely in tune with one another. That takes great communication, collaboration, and dedication. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be a professional rider to join us. In fact, we hope to run longer training courses to give you all the equestrian skills you need. Going forward, it's less about your previous riding ability, and more about the policing skills you can bring to the Mounted Branch.

Dog support unit
Providing police dog and handler support across the Met Police, the Dog Support Unit responds to emergency calls where their unique skills help to resolve hostile situations. We've got six specialist areas within Dog Support, all working with our canine counterparts to make London a safer city.
General Purpose Dogs - Through seeking and tracking, we locate suspects, missing persons, discarded evidence or property (bearing human scent), and use our public order dogs to help with public unrest.
Explosives Dogs - well the name gives it away, but we search for explosives, and undertake defensive searches at high-profile events or locations. Plus, we work in tandem with Counter Terrorism by searching areas with possible bomb threats.
Trojan Firearms Support - During spontaneous and planned firearms incidents, we support our Trojan Firearms colleagues by locating and detaining suspects.
Victim Recovery - working across the Met's 12 BCU's our dogs can find scents such as human remains and blood to locate crime scenes or deceased persons.
Proactive Search Dogs - provide search capability for Class A drugs, cannabis, firearms, and cash, in both spontaneous and pre-planned operations.
Passive Search Dogs - using passive person scanning to sniff out drugs on civilians, we are also currently trialling the same method for finding firearms and explosives.
What does all of this mean for you? Well it's incredibly rewarding to support so many colleagues and units, using our unique set of skills to help reduce crime in the capital. Working with animals brings its own set of challenges, but you'll quickly realise just how much impact you have across the Met Police. The dogs really are more like counterparts, with our officers being responsible for them both on and off duty. So be prepared to exercise and train your dog at home, and for them to become a major part of your life. There's also quite a bit of physicality involved here - if your dog finds and tracks a scent, you'll need to keep up!

Territorial support group (TSG)
As London's first response unit, the TSG gets called upon to attend a variety of policing issues including major incidents, public order, counter terrorism, and CBRN defence. We support the Met Police 24/7 with the Commissioner's Reserve and Borough Reserve. Essentially, we provide an immediate presence at critical incidents, and give substantial support to high-volume crime boroughs. Our responsibilities also cover AEP and Taser response, including rapid entries - where we get into buildings quickly to secure evidence or make arrests. We've also been tasked with training and equipping 295 TSG officers in the use of a SIG Sauer 516 rifle. That means, in the event of a terrorist attack, we can arm our officers within an hour to assist others across London. In the case of a marauding terrorist attack, they would then deploy to the 'warm-zone' and create a cordon.
As I'm sure that you can tell, the TSG brings variety every day. You'll get to work across London and use your skills in new ways for different, complex challenges. Whether it's dealing with spontaneous public disorder, or being involved in community projects - you'll always be engaged and motivated. We work as a team to deal with some of the toughest situations that police can face. So expect great camaraderie, and constant support from those around you.
Our people are champions of dedication, integrity and reliability. We're proud to serve all of the capital's boroughs, and work alongside such a wide range of specialist colleagues. We train our officers to confidently handle the highest levels of public disorder, prison tactics, rapid entries, CBRN, foot-follows, building entry, Taser tactics, driving, and many other skills. Plus, we aim to excel in all that's asked of us, and our can-do attitude typifies the TSG.
Some of the current specialist and taskforce vacancies open to experienced officers include:

Dog training instructor / constable
The Metropolitan Police Service has the largest dog support unit in the UK with over 220 operational working dogs and with a further 60 in training at any one time you will have access to a large number of dogs. We offer development by encouraging our instructors to become multi-disciplinary and provide opportunities to undertake further instructor training at an NPCC accredited school. We offer an internal support network of peers as a forum to discuss training methodologies alongside opportunities to work with both UK and international partners.

Public order instructor
The team of Public order instructors working at Gravesend provide specialist training in a variety of Public Order and Public Safety skill sets. This includes Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Public Order Training, Evidence Gathering, Forward Intelligence Teams, Medic Training, Forensic Recovery, Rapid Entry, Violent Person and Working at Height. The Strategic Training Unit also delivers Gold/Silver/Bronze Command Training, Tactical Advisor Training as well as training for public order loggists and planners.
Joining the team will provide a rewarding opportunity to influence public order policing in the capital. As an instructor you will be able to enhance your skills and experience and you will also be providing operational support to the people of London as either part of the Metropolitan Police AEP (baton rounds) capability, protestor removal teams, rope access teams or as a tactical adviser, as well as deploying as part of a Level 1 trained Public Order Police Support Unit.
You will be expected to be a highly motivated individual who relishes learning and being part of a 'can do' team that prides itself on its resilience and ability to adapt to and solve problems in order to help keep London safe.

SO15 Counter terrorism command (Borders) - police constables
With SO15 at the forefront in the fight against Terrorism and Extremists views impacting on London and its communities, within this role you will have responsibility for Policing UK borders by being proactive and utilising a multi-agency approach to combat Terrorism.
Dealing with matters relating to National Security, Serious Crime and working with our global partners e.g. Interpol, our officers play a vital role in building collaborative partnerships by liaising and working with both internal and external agencies, local and International customers and colleagues at all levels (e.g. UK Border Force and UKIC, Interpol).
As an SO15 Borders Officer you will also play an invaluable part in any Command wide response to a Major Incident in protecting the Public.
So, have you got what it takes to be dynamic and rise to the challenge of an ever changing CT threat? Do you want to be part of a team of highly dedicated, professional and committed officers delivering the highest of standards then we would like to hear from you.

SO15 London intelligence unit - police constable and detective constable
Our SO15 Intelligence Function is seeking to recruit Police Constables for the Fixed Intelligence Management Unit (FIMU) and the Operational Intelligence Management Unit (OIMU) across its various sub-units and invites applications from substantive PCs with a proven background of intelligence and operational policing.
The FIMU is central to the intelligence function across SO15 and offers opportunities to work both strategically and tactically in mitigating the risk from the various terrorist threats facing London. This unit is made up of several sub-units who receive, assess and process intelligence and lead development as well as the traditional intelligence desks covering specific areas of the world.
The OIMU is the intelligence support to operational functions within SO15 and works alongside partner agencies and investigation teams to develop intelligence and provide live support to operations from the surveillance ops rooms.
The various units within the FIMU/OIMU operate differing shift patterns and all roles require weekend working with some night duty shifts. There is an expectation that officers applying for this role will be able to work extended hours with minimum notice.
SO15 is at the forefront of the fight against Terrorism & Extremists views impacting on London and its varied communities. If you want to bring your professionalism into this fight and be a proud part of SO15 we would warmly welcome your application.

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