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Working for WWF-UK

We’re all unique in how we work – and this is necessary in an organisation like WWF-UK where there’s a wide variety of roles that demand different skills and areas of technical expertise. However, to achieve our ambitions, we need to act collectively. Working together towards a shared purpose, and with the same principles in mind as we approach work, is what unites us as an organisation.

Our Global mission and UK strategy set out our shared purpose and ambitions. And, it’s our success factors that underpin a common approach to working at WWF-UK.  They guide us towards being as effective as we can be at delivering our individual and collective goals.  And they help us to do that in a way that feels distinctively ‘WWF’.

What makes WWF distinctive is described by our brand DNA (inspiring positive change: connecting, constructive and leading). So, our success factors bring out the meaning of this in the form of specific behaviours. To help make the connections, we show how the success factors and brand DNA link together.

Our success factors in a nutshell

Here’s a quick summary of all our success factors.

People who are role models in this factor are inspirational…

They demonstrate passion for their work, our mission and for peoples’ welfare. They’re great at connecting with others because they’re approachable and friendly. They take the time to treat each person as an individual and build relationships across teams – helping others to feel included and involved. You know they’re really listening to you from the thoughtful way they answer and ask questions to show they’ve understood. And, you can see how they inspire change with an optimistic approach that creates goodwill and meaningful relationships.

Being clear about what, when, why, and how something needs to be done is what makes a role model here…

People strong in this factor will always see the bigger picture and understand that what they do every day counts towards achieving WWF’s mission at a local and global level.  Their focus will be on using their knowledge to deliver the critical few things, using our strategy as a starting point to plan their work and agree its purpose and outputs.  They communicate their plans clearly and then keep sight of what’s important – staying focused on delivering results we can be proud of.

A role model here is a natural innovator…

They’re open to thinking and doing things differently. And that makes it easy for them to adapt to changing demands from the outside world, changing priorities, and working with different types of people. They may be determined to deliver against a clear plan, but they also understand the value of flexible and creative approaches in finding the best solutions and improving how they work

Put simply, role models in this success factor do the right thing…

They step up and take responsibility. They’ll make sure that they deliver their own objectives and have the tenacity to follow up with others when they need to keep things on track. They also demonstrate good judgement and will always do what is ethically, legally and morally right when acting on WWF’s behalf because they understand their role as a guardian of WWF’s reputation.  And, where these two things don’t happen, they’ll challenge themselves and others constructively.

Role models here get things done by rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in…

They know what their area of responsibility is and they’ll use their knowledge to make quick decisions and take calculated risks, having taken account of input from others. And, rather than focusing on having everything just so before committing to action, this person keeps their approach simple to keep things moving and get the job done to the required standard.

Open Legacy Engagement Coordinator, job opening in WWF-UK

Legacy Engagement Coordinator

Coordinator Woking, UK

This is an incredible opportunity to use your customer service skills or experience working in a supporter care role to do work that will make a difference to your world. Work tha...

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