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Professional Apprenticeships at Cabinet Office


We currently have 30 posts within various roles/qualifications here.


What is a professional apprenticeship?

What do we offer?



HR Support Level 3

HR Consultant Level 5

Learning & Development Support Level 3

Learning & Development Consultant/HR Business Partner Level 5





Business Administration Level 2

Business Administration Level 3

Business and Professional Administration Level 4



Digital & Technology

Software Developer Level 4

Data Analyst Level 4

Cyber Security Technologist Level 4

IS Business Analyst Level 4

Digital & Technology Solutions Level 6

Digital & Technology Solutions Specialist (degree) Level 7


Data Science

Data Scientist (integrated degree)




Team leader/supervisor Level 3

Departmental Manager Level 5

Chartered Management degree Level 6



Policy Officer Level 4




Commercial Procurement and Supply Level 4

Operational Delivery

Public Service Operational Delivery Officer Level 3




Customer Service

Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

Customer Service Specialist Level 3

Coming soon

Finance apprenticeships level 2-7

Leadership and management level 7


 What qualification levels mean.


Equivalent to

Level 3

AS Level, A Level or Advanced diploma

Level 4

Higher National Certificate

Level 5

Higher National Diploma or Diploma of further education

Level 6

Bachelor Degree or Graduate Diploma

Level 7

Postgraduate certificate or Postgraduate diploma or Master's degree

*Please note that you can undertake an apprenticeship at the same, or lower, level as a qualification that you already hold. However,  if the apprenticeship is in the same subject area, then you must pick a level higher than the one you currently hold*

Recruitment Process

Stage 1 - Application

The job advert will be open for 2-3 weeks; when it closes we will sift through applications, this process will take a further week. In total, the application stage will take an average of 4 weeks.

Stage 2 - Interview

If successful at the application stage, you will then be invited to an interview. This should last no longer than an hour and you will be assessed on Cabinet Office behaviours and strengths. Interviews for all the successful candidates will be held over a 2-3 week period.

Stage 3 - Matching and On-Boarding

If you are successful at all previous stages then congratulations, you have secured yourself a place at the Cabinet Office! From this point, we will be working to match you to a suitable role/qualification and your pre-employment checks,* and security clearance will be initiated.

* Pre-employment checks are completed for all Civil Servants to ensure we are employing people entitled to work in the UK and with the honesty, integrity and values needed for government-related work.  Pre-employment checks and security clearance are two separate processes and in total, can take anywhere from 8-14 weeks so please be patient and have that in mind when applying for the role.  If there are any problems, at any stage, we will be in touch with you.




Is an apprenticeship for me?

If you're over the age of 16 and looking for a way to gain formal qualifications up to Master’s Degree level whilst earning, it could be for you! 


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