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Mind & Body Network at FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting strongly believes that all employees should be able to achieve their full potential within the workplace and that it has a responsibility to provide additional help to those who are disadvantaged by illness, disability or care responsibilities. The Mind and Body Network has been established to support those colleagues who face additional challenges in their lives; whether that be due to mental health issues, disability – visible or invisible – or having additional care responsibilities.  

  • Mental health – consulting work can be demanding and the fluctuations in pressure can result in highly stressful situations. We are committed to supporting colleagues struggling with stress or other mental health issues with managerial support, necessary adjustments and counselling.
  • Disability – in order to build a diverse workforce, FTI Consulting believes in making reasonable adjustments for employees who have visible and invisible disabilities in order that they are able to carry out their work to the best of their abilities. 
  • Care responsibilities – everyone, at some stage in their career, finds themselves with the additional pressure of needing to balance their work with the care of a loved one. We work with our employees to encourage them to speak up when they need flexibility in their working days in order to take loved ones to hospital, to care for a sick relative, etc.


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