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Flexible Working at The Metropolitan Police

There are a range of flexible working options available at the Met as outlined below:

Annualised hours

Annualised hours is an arrangement of work where you work longer hours during certain parts of the year and fewer hours during others parts of the year. The period of time is agreed over a whole year as opposed to a week or month and you will receive level salary payments each month as your pay is averaged out for the hours you work over the year.

Annualised hours may be more suited to a role where there are obvious peaks and troughs in demand.

An annualised hours agreement should specify a number of committed hours at certain periods of the year and a number of reserve or banked hours that are to be worked in line with business demand. Your line manager will provide you with plenty of notice if you are required to work some of your reserve hours.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have worked all your committed and reserve hours by the end of the agreed period. Failure to do so could result in your annualised hours arrangement being withdrawn, so you should speak to your line manager to make sure you have planned how you will work your hours as the year progresses.

Compressed hours

Compressed hours arrangements are available to police officers on a variable (full-time) shift. It involves working your hours over a shorter period so you can have an agreed amount of time off within your working schedule.

Job sharing

Job share posts are applicable where a full-time commitment is shared between two or more officers each of whom work part-time. You may share the same post with one or more officer provided all tasks in the job description are completed. You may either perform:

  • all tasks required in the job description for the post
  • specified tasks in line with your personal skills and knowledge provided all job tasks are completed between you and the other officer(s)

Part time

If you work less than 40 hours a week over the period of an annual roster, you are considered to work part time. Examples of part time working arrangements might include reducing the number of days you work in a week, i.e. four days per week instead of five, or reducing the number of hours you work on some days, for example working four hours per day instead of eight hours that you would normally work as a full-time officer.

If you are a part time officer, you are required to complete your hours within your agreed roster, each week.

If your daily period of duty is 5 hours or more, you may take meal break during a tour of duty, subject to exigencies of duty. The time allowed for the meal break varies depending on the daily period of duty.

By reducing the number of hours you work, your pay, allowances and annual leave entitlement will also reduce by a corresponding amount.

If you wish to return to full-time work, we will try to appoint you to a full-time post within two months of you giving your written notice if there is a vacancy. If there are no vacancies available, you will be appointed to a full time post within four months of giving your written notice. It is possible that you may need to be posted to an alternative role or department if a full-time role cannot be accommodated in your current department.

Term-time working

This arrangement is where an individual works only during school terms to accommodate time off in school holidays.It doesn’t have to reflect a particular school term and you don’t have to be a parent to apply for it. Daily hours of work may be 8 or more in order to satisfy a specified number of hours worked over the period of 52 weeks. Term time working may be more suited to a role where there are obvious peaks and troughs in demand.

As with annualised hours arrangements, you will receive level salary payments each month as your pay is averaged out for the hours you will work over the year.

Equality Act

You can apply to work flexibly for any reason that you like, however if your reason relates to a ‘protected characteristic’ under the Equality Act, then you must make this clear when you apply.

Informal or ad hoc requests

Whilst some of the flexible working options listed below will need to be requested formally, there may also be occasions where an informal request may be more suitable to help manage a difficult period of weeks.  For example, a short-term arrangement involving working from home on an ad-hoc basis.   These kinds of requests should be made by discussing and agreeing this with your line manager.

Combining flexible working types

It is possible to combine flexible working arrangements when making an application. For example, working part-time with a set day working from home each week. If you make a request combining different flexible working types, it is possible that only some aspects of your request can be approved, but your line manager will discuss this with you if this is the case.

Flexible working and overtime

Overtime will be incurred in line with Police Regulations. For example if officers work over their part time hours, they will be compensated.

Review an existing flexible working arrangement

Your flexible date and if this is needed you’ll be given advance notice of the review. The outcome of working will be reviewed annually. There may be a business need to review it before the annual review the review may be one of the following:

  • continue with flexible working
  • renegotiate flexible working
  • end flexible working

If your flexible working pattern changes significantly your line manager should consider giving reasonable time for you to adjust your domestic arrangements before the new working arrangements starts.

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