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On the 20th May North East Autism Society will be holding its annual 5K muddy obstacle course at Herrington Country Park. The event will be great fun for all the family, whilst also raising money for the great work that the North East Autism Society does with children, young people and adults with autism. The North East Autism Society works within communities, helping them to develop high quality, personalised services for people with an Autism Spectrum Condition. Events such as the Sunderland Scramble help the society to raise awareness and money to ensure that they are able to continue to do the valuable work that they do. Those taking part in the 5K course will be challenged to conquer some of the following obstacles:
  1. Sand bag slalom
Just because it’s the first doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. Competitors have to pick up the sand bags and wend their way through the zig-zag roped-off area. Not for the weak-armed!
  1. Scrambled Legs
That’s right – it’s time to put legs to the challenge on this cargo net crawl. Can you break free of the scramble nets and get to the other side with enough steam left in you to head to obstacle three?
  1. HimilHAYa
To successfully complete obstacle three you have to climb to the top, and over, our giant hay stack hill. Scarier than it looks.
  1. Wacky Web
You’ll need eight arms and legs to quickly navigate this one. Duck and dive your way through the bouncy bungee web to overcome obstacle number four.
  1. Tyred out
That’s right more leg work. This time completing the obstacle means hopping from one tyre to the next. Make sure you keep your knees raised and your hopes high. This one is fast and furious.
  1. They think it’s wall over
Can you muster up enough steam to tackle the wooden wall? By this point in the course you may even have hit the wall… keep going! Climb right over to successfully complete this obstacle.
  1. Muddy Mayhem
Some people pay a fortune for a mud bath – and you’re getting one for free! The wetter the weather the muddier you’ll be.
  1. Tunnel Vision
The end is in sight but don’t celebrate just yet, you still have to drop to the floor and crawl through netted tunnels!
  1. Uphill struggle
It does what it says on the tin. Before the very popular water slide you need to charge up the monument hill. Whatever you do, don’t stop!
  1. Park ‘n’ slide
Our most popular obstacle in the Herrington Park course is also a welcome rest after climbing monument hill. Sit down and take a load off as you water slide your way down to the final hurdle!
  1. Skip Dip
You can see the finish line, you’re nearly there but before you high five your team members you have one last feat to conquer. Filled with mud you have to take on the skip dip. Run through all three and back out the other side to make a final last dash to the end. If you are interested in taking part in the Sunderland Scramble, you can find more information here.

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