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Youth Vibe Case Studies From Deafness Support Network

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Deafness Support Network has provided us with some Youth Vibe case studies. Read below to find out more about what it's like to live with hearing disability.


  • I am a boy, I’m 14 and I’m hearing impaired
  • My teachers in school use a transmitter so I can understand them better. In most of my subjects I have a learning support assistant
  • I use lip reading to understand what people are talking about
  • I have one younger sister
  • I like playing football or on my Xbox
  • The best thing about being deaf is that I can sleep really peacefully
  • One bad thing about being deaf is being unable to hear whispers

Activities I’ve done...

  • I have been coming to Youth Vibe for 2years now.
  • I am a Young Leader and I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
  • I have done new activities like Rock climbing, Trampolines and cooking.
  • Deaf Awareness presentation Training
  • Team Building and Young Leaders Training.
  • I was part of a group that helped choose which Youth Workers got a job.
  • We helped choose the design for our Young leaders hoodies. 

Things I’ve achieved…

  • I have completed 3 sections of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
  • I have gained loads of confidence and love doing presentations now.
  • Developed skills and gained experience that will support me with my future career.
  • I am part of a Deaf Football club.
  • I have made lots of friends and feel confident in front of them. I used to be really nervous about lip reading and trying to guess what other people are saying.
  • I enjoy playing pool and helping the younger Youth Vibe children.

What I think…

  • I really love being part of the Young Leaders Team. We have good fun together but I also enjoy learning skills too.
  • I enjoy getting out and about, if I wasn’t doing this, I would be at home on my xbox.
  • Parent—He’s gone from having no friends outside of school to having a wide network with other children who understand what being deaf is like. It really does wonders to a child who was afraid to join in socially with other kids for fear of bullying and ignorance.
  • Parent—A fantastic club with friendly helpful staff who make sure your child is included. I wish I had heard about this club years ago as he has become a mature happy young man who has become a young leader and doing his D of E all through youth vibe.


  • I’m a girl and I’m 15years old.
  • I’m not deaf but my sister is.
  • I love music and Drama.
  • My sister is 17, she doesn’t use her aids as she doesn’t like the sounds.
  • My sister and me have the same interests, we both love make up and shopping.
  • I use BSL all the time with my sister as she can’t talk or hear.
  • I really hate it when people talk to me about my sister when she’s there next to me.

Activities I’ve done...

  • Been part of the Young Leaders Team planning events for the other Youth Vibers.
  • Took part in lots of different confidence building activities including Trampolines, rock climbing,  
  • Facilitated Deaf Awareness Workshops to organisations and local services.
  • Been part of the interview panel for recruiting new Youth Support Workers.
  • Led on a Youth Vibe cooking competition and our team won!
  • Reviewed organisations to be more deaf friendly.

Things I’ve achieved…

  • I have completed 3 sections of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
  • Made lots of friends, some that have siblings or parents that are Deaf so understand my situation.
  • Won a Youth Award with the local Authority.
  • Increased in confidence to present myself at the Deaf Awareness Workshops.
  • Received a Youth Star ward at the Youth Vibe Awards night.
  • Developed skills and gained experience that will support me with my future career.
  • Gained my Level 1 BSL Award.

What I think...

  • I really enjoy Youth Vibe and love being part of a team. It has helped with my confidence and when my sister is home from her residential school, I love bringing her to a deaf friendly environment where she feels comfortable.
  • I have gained lots of confidence and learnt loads of new skills. I want to go to college, I will put that I’ve been part of the Young leaders team on my application form.
  • It really has been good meeting other people that are part of a Deaf world, some that are deaf but others that understand what Deaf people are all about. I’ve grown up with my sister and had to look out for her so its nice to be somewhere that BSL is just normal.
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