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Wipro & me - a mutually fulfilling partnership!

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Gender Focus

Wipro & me - a mutually fulfilling partnership!Mr Premji and me, September 2019, Wipro HQ

It was a positive hunch with Wipro’s engaging campus approach rather than any formal research that made me accept their offer over other global brands in 1993. 

The first seven years of my career in business development in India shaped me with valuable experience of managing challenging customer relationships and develop priceless friendships and mentors.

Mutual respect, standing up for each other, open culture and inclusive mindset have kept me grounded in the evolving world of Wipro. Having grown with a company that was barely 3,500 strong when I joined 27 years ago; 3 logos, 2 Chairmen, and 7 CEOs later, I am now a proud part of a truly diverse and global enterprise of over 180,000 employees!  

Like many other long-tenured leaders at Wipro, I evolved from nationwide roles in India to diverse European roles based out of London since 2000. Exciting experiences across Europe increased my cross-cultural sensitivities and broadened my horizons, enhanced my taste buds, and created diverse memories for me to cherish.

Client-facing roles demanded frequent India travels - I had ushered my first-born to & from Bombay during five key client visits to Bangalore in his first 18 months. As a young mum of two soon after, I was unanimously supported in my proposal to create a role to manage key partnerships which minimised my official trips to India. I achieved and exceeded ambitious goals consistently with solid support from my husband and childminder while developing Europe-wide relationships with day-return flights, in all subsequent roles for the next 10 years.

The stress of giving dedicated attention to my 6-year-old with Asperger’s daunted me at one point to consider leaving Wipro and seek a part-time role in a different “lighter” career. To my amazement, my manager then created a conducive environment where I gradually mastered the art of balanced integration of my personal and work priorities. A subsequent manager who insisted I return to full-time work five years later, promptly signed off with global HR on my contract having “full flexibility in perpetuity at Wipro!” 

Both these exceptions were made “first-time” at Wipro between 2005 and 2010, when part-time and flexi-working were not accepted norms in most companies globally.  

My philosophy of a successful career with work-life integration is to truly love the roles I play. If we spend our majority waking hours at work, we must feel comfortable with our colleagues, customers and executives. 

Wipro is the bedrock of culture where you are not rebuked for making a mistake (unless it crosses boundaries of our values), an environment that recognises varied working styles – whether emotionally high or calm and diplomatic; whether a high-flying executive or a niche-player. Not being judged for having different opinions, but only on your skills, performance, and abilities to delight customers and partners, aiming at ethical business growth.

The evolutions of the brand Wipro since 1993 have taught me to remain “comfortable being uncomfortable”, a life-lesson I strive to set examples for my children and those who get inspired with my journey. 

Not to mention the pride we hold in our hearts from the ever-inspiring Mr. Premji, whose generosity in action has inspired me as much. I am a Trustee of my family’s “Kakalia Foundation Kunashne” (Good Deeds) and actively contribute financially to multiple charities.

I mentor at Wipro as well via the online mentoring platform Everwise. I volunteer to guide and help many distressed parents who discover their child has special needs. Championing the “Persons with Invisible Disabilities” part of Wipro’s D&I UK chapter keeps me grounded and keeps me counting my blessings! Also rewarding is my role as Chairperson of a community initiative (CZC: Caring for the Zoroastrian Community) across the UK, with 35 volunteers phoning our 70 registered isolated elderly folks to ensure their overall wellbeing alongside intergenerational activities.

My instinct to accept Wipro’s offer in 1993 was my best gut-feel ever, 27 years and counting!

Rozy Contractor

Rozy Contractor

General Manager, Strategic Engagements UKI at Wipro Limited

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