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Types of jobs in the financial services sector

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Types of jobs in the finance

Types of jobs in the financial services sector

The financial sector is one of the largest contributors to UK employment and GDP. There are currently over a million people directly employed in financial services, and a further million in related industries.

In fact, the City of London is the highest ranking financial sector in the world and accounts for nearly a third of total employment figures for this industry worldwide. When it comes to finding a job in this field, there are many different subsectors to choose from. 

  • Financial planning

Employees in this area usually provide advisory services to enable both individuals and companies to organise their financial futures.

  • Investments and pensions

Jobs in investments often focus on mitigating financial risk by researching the performance of investments.

  • Tax

An offshoot of the accounting sector, tax specialists tend to work for either private advisory bodies or government departments.

  • Banking and finance

The biggest employers in the financial services sector are the banks and building societies. These jobs focus on enabling individuals and companies to manage their money and access financial assistance.

  • Insurance

Jobs in this sector tend to involve working alongside other professionals, gathering evidence to assess risk and resolve claims against insurance policies.

  • Accounting

From bookkeeping to the management of company accounts, accounting roles make up a large portion of employment opportunities in this sector.

Potential employment opportunities in the financial services sector are far more extensive than this short list. From auditing and credit control to loss adjusting and mortgage advice, there is a career path to suit everyone – with a variety of entry levels. VERCIDA are committed to working with diverse employers so find your perfect job in this industry, search our database today.

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