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Top 5 reasons to work at Lendlease

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Top 5 reasons to work at Lendlease

Lendlease is a long-established project management and construction company in the UK that is focused on embracing the differences of its employees, whether this is age, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical or mental disabilities, values, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation and identity, nationality, education, family responsibilities and military or veteran status. Lendlease recognises the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring to a business and the people within it. They use the diversity that is within their workforce in order to maximize their corporate goals and celebrate its employees.

Working for Lendlease can have many benefits, here are some of the reasons you should consider the Lendlease undergraduate programme or any other role within Lendlease: 

  1. Career and Talent Progression

Lendlease offers career and talent progression for its employees. If you are looking to progress in your career within the industry then Lendlease runs two programmes that are focused on nurturing employees’ careers and their talent progression within the organisation.

These programmes are called Aspire and Inspire:

Aspire is a 12-month accelerated talent development programme that is aimed at future leaders. 60 of Lendlease’s highest achievers are selected from across all regions, against specific criteria to take part in the programme and have the chance to become one of future leaders. This programme is an excellent opportunity for Lendlease’s top achievers to develop in their careers, the programme gives them the chance to build their skills in order to become the best leaders that they can be.

Inspire is also a 12-month development programme that prepares its participants for senior executive roles. The course gives participants a range of resources, such as leadership development, experience, networking and exposure to other organisations and the most senior Lendlease leaders. This journey allows participants to get a real understanding of what their future roles could look like within the organisation; it gives them the skills and confidence that they need to have when working in senior executive roles.

  1. Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Lendlease understands the importance of having a diverse and inclusive culture within their workplaces, as this is beneficial for themselves and their employees. By many diverse people working together in order to achieve the same goal, Lendlease believes that they will can achieve better results for everyone involved. Lendlease have created an inclusive culture that focuses on respect and encourages individuals to work with one another in order to learn and share.

Lendlease values the importance of its employees’ opinions and aims to ensure that their voices are heard and valued, no matter where they work within the organisation. By doing this, Lendlease hopes to attract and retain the very best talent. Therefore, creating better solutions for both the business and its customers.

  1. Early Careers

Lendlease aims to recruit the best talent and bring the best individuals into the company at the very start of their careers. If you are an undergraduate student who is looking for a route into the industry, Lendlease offers opportunities for you to learn and develop your skills.

They currently offer a Graduate and an Undergraduate programme:

The Graduate programme – This is a two year programme that allows participants to work in a variety of roles, functions and regions within Construction, Consulting (Project Management), Development businesses and Finance. This programme aims to enhance participants’ skills and experience in order to ensure that they build a career that showcases their true potential. It also allows graduates to gain experience of working with professionals in a culture that allows them to develop and grow.

The programmes consist of a structured learning and development plan that include a variety of on-the-job activities, access to an advisor and attendance to the annual Building Futures Conference as well as ample networking opportunities. Graduates will be given real management responsibility and challenged to contribute innovative ideas that will impact on the business and the communities in which Lendlease operates.

Lendlease offers two undergraduate programmes within construction, these include The Day Release Route and The Undergraduate Sponsorship Route. Both of which support trainees who are interested in pursuing a professional career in the industry; both routes lead to an honours degree in a construction related subject and prepare participants for a chartered membership of their relevant professional institute.

The Day Release Route – This route allows trainees to attend university for one day a week during term time and to work on projects with Lendlease for the remainder of the time. This is a five-year course that gives students significant project experience and brings them closer to achieving chartered membership of their professional institute. This programme offers participants a salary, which increases as experience is gained. In addition to this, Lendlease will meet the trainees’ university course fees during their time on the course.

The Undergraduate Sponsorship Route – This pathway enables trainees to study full time, with periods of industrial experience mixed into their course. Participants will gain a university degree whilst also getting real-life experience in the industry. Students on this route will complete a sandwich degree, where they spend term time in year 1, 2 and 4 as students at their chosen university and work on Lendlease projects during the summers and on an industrial placement year in their third year of their degree. This pathway offers students a monthly bursary and a competitive salary during their placement. Mentorship and support is also given to participants during term time and planned placements.

Both of these routes can lead to senior positions at Lendlease, with some of Lendlease’s highest positions being filled by members of their undergraduate programme. These routes give individuals the chance to gain valuable experience in their chosen discipline and in Lendlease’s procedures, before moving onto a career with Lendlease.

  1. Health and Wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeing is a focus for Lendlease and they aim to improve the quality of peoples’ lives by creating a working environment where individuals are able to thrive and be productive. Lendlease promotes wellbeing within the workplace by nurturing a supportive and caring environment for all of its employees. They also believe that people are happier when they are in good health. Therefore, Lendlease gives its employees the opportunity to work flexibly when possible, in order for them to be able to spend time outside of work doing the things that they enjoy doing with their family and friends.

In addition to the work that Lendlease does surrounding employee health and wellbeing, they also support employees who are keen to be involved in charitable and community affairs. This is part of the work that the Lendlease Foundation does in order to nurture the wellbeing of its employees and their families. Lendlease partners with approved charities and community bodies that they have an involvement with in order to successfully deliver global programmes that create a unified community with common focus – to use their collective knowledge, skill and passion to enrich the lives of Lendlease employees and the community.

The Lendlease Foundation is focused on nurturing the wellbeing of Lendlease employees and their families, and aims to support employees’ involvement in charitable and community affairs.

These are four of the Lendlease Foundation programmes:


This programe gives over 300 Lendlease employees from around the world the chance to maximise their personal and career potential through an intensive five-day personal development experience. There is also the Springboard Tasman which works alongside partners on the Tasman Peninsula Community in south east Tasmania, Australia.

Community 365

This programme provides Lendlease employees with an expanded range of skilled volunteering opportunities throughout the year. It encompasses all of Lendlease’s volunteering programs, including the annual all employee volunteering program – Community Day. Since 1996, Lendlease have volunteered the equivalent of 65 years to community projects around the world.

Lendlease matches employee skills with community needs to deliver and support a range of projects. They also address social, economic and environmental issues by providing services such as; design, build, clean, demolish, plan, paint, repair and teach.

Bean Stalk Reading Helper Scheme

The Community Grant Program allows employees to donate time and effort to a charity, organisation or cause, they can do this either as an individual or team. The grant pays for necessary supplies and materials.  Lendlease supports charitable organizations that advocate, support, and/or practice activities consistent with Lendlease’s non-discrimination policies, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or status as a protected veteran.


Lendlease also dedicates it’s time to a number of causes, including: providing shelter to homeless, mentoring young people and retired military personnel, delivering educational opportunities and helping people who are recovering from natural disasters.

  1. Inclusion Networks

Lendlease places a strong focus on diversity and inclusion within their workplaces. This is highlighted through their core value of respect and it is shown in their day-to-day actions. Lendlease has a diverse group of people working within their organisation, representing all functions and businesses in order to shape the future of Lendlease from every angle. The Lendlease Diversity and Inclusion team drives the policy development and strategy in order to ensure that Lendlease manages diversity and inclusion successfully on a daily basis.

Lendlease’s inclusion networks consist of a Gender Equality, LGBT and an All Abilities network, these networks advocate and advise on diversity issues throughout Lendlease in order to promote positive change throughout the organisation. Regional priorities have been agreed upon and the regional inclusion network will support the work of the Lendlease Global Council.

In addition to the inclusive networks, Lendlease is actively working to help increase the number of women that are working in construction. By 2025, they aim to increase the number of women in built environment industries by 50%. Lendlease is proud of its female employees and they are dedicated to helping them build outstanding careers.

These are just a few of the ways that Lendlease is showing themselves as an employer of choice, by highlighting some of the great work that they do within diversity and inclusion, amongst other things. Lendlease are focused on ensuring that their workplaces are a positive place for their employees to work, by placing a focus on employee health and wellbeing and implementing policies such as flexible working. It is clear that Lendlease is continuously working to ensure that they are able to attract and retain the best talent through their various initiatives and programmes.

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VERCIDA works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with VERCIDA to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email [email protected] for more information.

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