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Tomica Dowden, Deputy Manager Corporate Services talks to us about the culture at Brit

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Tomica Dowden, Deputy Manager Corporate Services

This October for Black History Month, we spoke to Tomica Dowden, Deputy Manager Corporate Services at Brit Insurance about the work culture at Brit.

Tell us a bit about your role at Brit?

“I’m Tomica Dowden. I'm the Deputy Manager of Hospitality in Brit’s London office – looking after our visitors’ floor which hosts external meeting rooms. Part of my role is also to assist our Events Manager and manage the Reception and Hospitality team.”

How is Brit celebrating Black History month this year?

“Brit are doing so much, each year more than the last. This year we have been part of a number of workshops which invite guest speakers from many different walks of life to talk to us about their experiences, achievements and struggles. There is always a relatable topic of conversation, that I believe will help people in one way or another.

There have been resources shared this year, and what’s great is they include Black History training materials suitable for children. We have a Black History Month quiz coming up which I’m looking forward to.’

How does Brit pick which events to host?

“It really depends– Brit host a variety of events, such as Claims academy, charitable events and I&D events – A lot of thought goes into the selection and our leadership team does a good job of making sure the events are inclusive and are as interactive as possible with the opportunity for us to ask questions.”

Do you feel supported and included as an employee?

“Yes, I am definitely recognised within the organisation. I am proud to be a Black female manager. I was born in Guyana, a country in South America and since joining the workforce in the UK I have experienced tough times being an ethnic minority, but not at Brit. I know that if I wanted to speak up about anything within my work environment, I would be listened to and supported. That is important to me and I’m proud to work at an organisation where my input is taken on board. Diversity is definitely celebrated at Brit.”

What is it like being a manager at Brit?

“What’s great is there are so many support networks when joining or becoming a manager at Brit. There is diversity training for management which means we are trained how to competently mange a variety of scenarios and how to encourage a work environment that people can feel open in.

I can 100% be myself at work. The culture at Brit is one where they listen to their employees and celebrate them. They have always listened and given me the tools and support to be a better manager.”

How would you advise other companies to be more inclusive?

“Everyone is on their own journey and I think its important that companies only say they are going to do, what they are passionate in doing – you have to want positive change and progression. Networking and learning is a good start for anyone.

At Brit we all have unconscious bias training for managers and similarly for non-management. We have regular social activities, which allow us to meet different people across the business. We also have a great Social Committee who plan various events that support I&D and our people forum in recognising different awareness days and months. Brit are always promoting diversity, mental wellbeing and charitable initiatives.”

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