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Men's Month: Tips for handling depression

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In times of isolation, technological overload and stress will contribute gradually to affecting your physical and mental health, both of which have been impacted during the pandemic. The mental health consequences of COVID-19 have been visible during social isolation, having the reaction of increasing disorders such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive

symptoms, insomnia, digestive problems, as well as depressive symptoms and post-traumatic stress.

This article aims to help you learn and understand better ways to manage your emotions, your mentality and adjust your inner voice in these trying times.


Tip 1. Accepting your flaws is the fastest and best way in overcoming them. 

What most people identify as “major life problems” are generally the natural ebbs and flows of life. Chances are that some days you might feel overcome with joy while on other days you feel down and depressed. We have forgotten that we all have our good and bad days and that’s OK. Sometimes feeling low-spirited is self-perpetuated, if you tell yourself that everything will be worse and then your outlook will be negative but if you can accept that things are rough at the moment but you can work towards improving the situation then you can set some goals and work towards creating a better reality for yourself.


Tip 2. Make a routine.

When you feel down, it can naturally become very easy to fall into poor sleep patterns, staying up late until the early morning and sleeping during the day. Try to adjust back to getting up at a normal time every morning thinking that you have a fresh start. Not having a routine can also affect your eating habits. Try to eat regular meals as part of your routine, this will help keep your energy levels up. The best part about having a routine is how it can create consistency in your life, good consistency is necessary for development. Remember your routine doesn’t need to be complicated, you just have to stick to it as much as possible.


Tip 3. Be more active.

One of the best ways to help feel better after a low day is to work it out with some form of exercise. There's scientific evidence that says exercise can help lift your mood. If you don’t exercise generally, it’s best to start with some gentle warm-up like walking for 20 minutes every day or stretching. 


Tip 4. Stay in touch.

Life can be understandably tough, but it’s best not to withdraw from life. If you need to take a little time away that's fine but try to socialize with friends, family and colleagues as much as possible. Socialising can improve your mood and might help you find ideas that can get you back on track with your goals. Ultimately keeping in touch with friends and family means you have someone you trust to talk to when you feel low and sometimes sharing your feelings can help offset some of the burdens.


Tip 5. Seeking help for depression.

Finally, if you're still feeling down or depressed after a couple of weeks and you feel like you tried everything you could. Treatments such as psychological therapies and antidepressants drugs should be considered. You can refer yourself to psychological therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) without needing a referral from your GP. However, we advise you to see your GP first as they can help give insight into your condition and help guide you to the right treatment.

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