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Ten great things about working for Ofcom

Category: Blogger's Corner

Ofcom is the UK’s communications regulator. They keep an eye on TV, radio and on-demand content. They also ensure consumers don’t get scammed and are protected from bad practice. In addition to this, they oversee the postal service and the airwaves used by wireless devices.

Ofcom is dedicated to promoting diversity in the sectors it regulates and within its own organisation. Here are ten great reasons to work for Ofcom.

1) Coaching and mentoring, built-in

Ofcom sees coaching and mentoring as a complement, rather than a replacement, for traditional training. It's available to everyone, and can help you to think about and talk through options for any situation that arises. This can significantly improve motivation and performance.

2) Lots of choice for flexible working

Everything from job shares to compressed hours to phased retirement is a possibility for Ofcom employees. If you need to do the school run, or want flexible working hours, Ofcom can make it happen.

3) Universal diversity training

Every new Ofcom employee learns about the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Ofcom also offers unconscious bias training, which is compulsory for hiring managers and people managers. This contributes to a culture where everyone is valued on their merits.

4) Serious commitment to mental health

Ofcom offers an Employee Assistance Programme with a fully confidential service for information, advice and help. A Disability and Wellbeing group keeps mental health at the forefront of Ofcom's decision-making. And a workplace adjustments policy helps all employees overcome barriers.

5) Opportunities for professional development

Ofcom encourages colleagues to develop within their role and champions continuous professional development to enhance their skills and career opportunities. In-work and external training, sponsored academic qualifications, coaching and mentoring, and secondments are on offer.

6) A network for BAME employees

RACE is the BAME network at Ofcom. The network promotes awareness raising, knowledge sharing, professional development, volunteer opportunities, and more. It regularly hosts engaging speakers and advocates for inclusion initiatives.

7) Affinity, the LGBT network

The Affinity Network is the network for LGBT people at Ofcom and their allies. It organises social, speaker and networking events, sometimes with LGBT staff networks from other organisations.

8) Support for parents and carers

The Ofcom Parents and Carers Network supports staff with childcare or other caring responsibilities. Activities include ‘buddy networks’ for colleagues returning from maternity and paternity leave, networking events, and regular newsletters.

9) Ofcom Women's Network

Ofcom Women's Network has a goal of furthering the interests of women in the workplace. The network organises awareness events and speakers, and offers internal and external networking. It also offers feedback to relevant internal groups.

10) Charitable giving

Ofcom colleagues regularly organise everything from charity runs to bake sales to raise money for worthy causes. Ofcom supports the International Day of Charity, and has raised over £28Million for Macmillan Cancer Support since 2012.


If you're interested in making a career move to Ofcom, take a look at our jobs database.



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