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Social Media Today part 2

Category: Blogger's Corner, technology, social media, communications

Social Media Today part 2

Having written an earlier article on Social Media and the benefits of it, the way it can put people in their own little world for those who live alone I now feel compelled to write about how it can ruin peoples' lives.

What I am referring to is the recent furore over the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson and how people took to social media to vent their anger.

Is this the way social media is meant to be used? Of course not. It's appalling that the head of BBC has been attacked through social media to the point he and his family have felt threatened.

This is not about the case but how social media is sometimes used irresponsibly. There should never be times where people are having to be protected from social media trolls.

Social media was meant, when it was created to be a way of communication for those who may feel isolated, through circumstances. Also a way of expression, but not in the way that it is sometimes happening today.

We are so fortunate to have so many ways of communication, but it is the way that it is used that is important.

Reading in yesterday's Mail on Sunday how the incident resulted in the family having to have protection because of a death threat, is not the way social media should be used.

While we have social media we are resposible for using it properly, communicating with loved ones, helping people to feel part of a community, but not making people feel threatened in their own homes and having to have added protection to make them feel safe.

Social media is a wonderful tool if we use it properly.

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