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Celebrating Cultural and Religious Diversity at Resource Solutions

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Religious Beliefs

Hi, my name is Nurul Huda Suhairi and I am the Compliance Officer for APAC. We are based in Singapore, our headquarters for the APAC region. I've been with Resource Solutions since 2017, joining them as a team coordinator, supporting a team of Accounts Directors. 


Nurul Huda SuhairiNurul Huda Suhairi, Compliance Officer for APAC


I got my current and newly created role in 2020. It's something that has never been done before in APAC, so it has been a challenging and fulfilling journey for the last two years. Getting that exposure, having a lot of interactions with the other team members and making sure we get the processes in line with compliance, all make this role pretty exciting. I also appreciate being given the opportunity to provide input and share My point of view.


Celebrating Diversity

Back in 2017, we were a small team of around 15, so there weren’t many activities going on. However, as the business expanded, the focus on teams’ wellbeing grew and efforts were made towards celebrating the diversity of our workforce. Now a lot more activities are going on in terms of getting people together, going for team lunches, and other initiatives to bring everybody together. The organisation is certainly moving towards giving the opportunity for everyone to understand other people's cultures and religions.

In Singapore, food seems to be the main attraction that brings everyone together. We have group lunches where everybody can bring their own dishes. You will expect to find Chinese dishes, Indian curries, you name it. The Malay dishes that I usually bring are rich in herbs and spices.


Cultural dishes


I remember organising one of the team lunches where I introduced one of the Malay dishes called Nasi Ambeng. It's basically steamed rice surrounded by side dishes placed in a circular tray. The food portion is good for four to five people. Typically we will sit around the tray and share the food. That was quite a fun moment; It’s bonding over a feast, everyone's sharing and tasting the different local dishes. It was a great experience. I introduced that cultural side of me to the office environment and everyone actually enjoyed it.


Celebrating Ramadan

At Resource Solutions, we also celebrate religious events. One of our team bonding events was during the month of Ramadan and we had a Muslim colleague who suggested fasting for a day. There was quite a number of people from different teams who were so enthusiastic to join. Our colleague shared information about the things they need to know, like when to break fasting, and tips for making it through the whole day. It was fun to see the status updates saying “I'm doing quite well”, or “I'm struggling”. It was so interactive with people checking on each other to see how we are doing, which made it such a successful event.


Team event


For me, religion is something personal which I practice in privacy. However, I feel at ease to be able to bring my whole self to work, where there is no discrimination or barriers. Everyone's very respectful of others’ faiths and beliefs. Everybody is so mindful of others. For example, it is a common thing for us to have lunch in the office, and during Ramadan some would say “oh my god, I'm so sorry” for having their lunch in front of you. The fact that Resource Solutions makes the effort to celebrate each and everyone's cultural and religious festivities, brings us closer together; from Christmas to Chinese New Year, we make sure all events are included. For Chinese New Year we have an awesome yearly celebration where you would expect to take part in a lion dance, going around touring the lions. 

Today is the first day of the Hijiri year and I will be celebrating it with family members. We still cannot have a group gathering because of COVID, but we’ll still celebrate as usual with prayers and musical tapestry. I am happy to share stories of this personal celebration as the organisation has always been encouraging people to showcase their cultural side. 


Working at Resource Solution

If I am to describe our work environment in one word it would be ‘Heartwarming’. It feels great to be part of an organisation that appreciates the importance of diversity in their workforce; a place where you belong and you know that you will always be heard. They are brilliant at showing how much they care, always trying their best.

I'm quite happy with where we are as a company. When you enter Resource Solutions, it's like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is so open and welcoming. You are free to be yourself and share your cultural difference, beliefs and everything else, knowing you will be accepted and supported.


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