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One million elderly go without seeing anyone for days

Category: Blogger's Corner, elder, over 65, confidence

One million elderly go without seeing anyone for days

It's been stated yet again that people over 65 plus do not see anyone for days. This what an article in the Daily Mail claims, 25th Jan.

This leads to isolation and then lack of confidence when they are with other people. There is the possibility that this could lead to ill health, mentally and physically.

While it is good that we are living longer, individuals' capital is being used up for services that was at one time provided for free through the taxes that have been paid, to live a comfortable life.

Having a free bus pass has helped the elderly to get out more, even if it is only for the ride. Transport is not always available as some live in isolated places and cannot afford to move where tansport links are better.

Some people who live in isolated places have a pet and television to them company.

In an earlier blog I highlighted the fact that it is those who are 55 plus who are the people who are struggling with new technology and have never used a computer.

This is where the goverments' initiative of having computer lessons for people over a certain age is important as it helps the older generation keep in contact with the younger generation easier.

Sometimes the elderly feel they are the forgotten generation, as people are so busy with their own lives, the importance of communication, whatever way it is, is important.


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