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Mental Health

Emma Flaxman - Marketing & New Business Director, PHD UK

Emma Flaxman - Marketing & New Business Director, PHD UK

Q. How did you find out about the media industry and what attracted you to work in it?

I had marketed various agencies such a brand, design, and communication agencies and always loved the experience of working closely with creatives to deliver things that made a difference to everyone. Not unlike many careers, I stumbled into media by accident. PHD was the first ever media agency I had ever worked in and prior to my interview I knew very little about media in general. However, I instantly enjoyed the partnership of strategic planning rigor mixed with creative outputs and the people were certainly the thing that has kept me hear for almost a decade… I only came to do mat cover!

Q. What do you like about working at your agency and being part of the OMG, UK family?

I love the fact that each agency has always had its own personality. In in the time I’ve worked within OMG, we have become much closer as a group and I have built some real connections with people in my position but within the other agencies. I love the fact that I get to work with people like me but I have connections with people who think and work in a different way. Learning from them has given me an overall better experience for my own career.

Q. What is your take on what is being done to drive diversity in the media industry and across OMG, UK?

I’d love to shout ‘about time!’ but I honestly believe the time is now. This year people have had a chance to sit back and understand what has been going wrong in areas we didn’t have time to consider before. There is now no turning our heads but we have an opportunity to make a difference. Not only to the groups of people we have haven’t been including enough before but to everyone who works here. This is a shared experience and we are all learning so much. The impact can be nothing but positive for us, our clients and our industry.

Q. You are part of the OMG Minds Advisory Board, why is this important to you?

Ten years ago my sister tried to commit suicide. Looking back now, I know the signs were all there. I just didn’t know enough about them to understand their impact. Luckily for me, my sister survived, recovered and is back to full health and runs her own successful business. Because of her, I trained as a mental health first aider and I instantly saw the positive impact I could have on others just by understanding their difficulties and finding solutions to help them get through it. By joining the OMG Minds Advisory Board, I honestly believe that there is a real opportunity to bring Mental Health out into the conversation and by doing so, we decrease the shame, embarrassment and judgement of those who need to talk about it and in some extremes, help people to survive it.

Q. What would you say to yourself if you were starting out in media knowing what you know now?

I would say unlike most, media is an industry that makes an impact. Not only does the work we do get seen by everyone we know and love, the opportunity to make change happen from within is here. We are encouraged to make a difference. We are encouraged to be ourselves and most importantly we are expected to challenge the things are aren’t right in society. How many industries can say the same?

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