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Older people must have the same opportunities as the younger generation

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Older people must have the same opportunities

I am writing in response to an article written by Workplace Insight about older people being be given the opportunity to have employment.

While people who are younger than people like myself have had the opportunity to gain the skills that are necessary for employment in today's media the opportunities were not available for people who are now in their 50's.

It is important that they have those skills and to be treated in the same way. We do have the experience of years on our side and we would be able to hand down those skills to the younger generation.

Sometimes we find ourselves out of a job through no fault of our own, redundancy, sickness or something else. It is important for people of my generation to feel that we are able to contribute to today's society and not being felt that we have been left on the shelf.

Yes there is the argument that we could do voluntary work, yes it does add to our experience and CV, but it does not help those who need money to live day to day. More importantly self-esteem and confidence.

Some people do not like to rely on hand-outs and would rather be independent and in control of their own lives, and to be able to hold their heads up in society.

As stated computer literate skills are needed before some people in their 50's can apply for a job as they need to apply online. So it does make it that more difficult for individuals to have the confidence to even think about applying for a job.

Without a job some people suffer from lack of confidence and low esteem. So it is important to give people of all ages those opportunities.

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