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Network Rail celebrating International Women's Day

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Network Rail celebrating International Women's Day

Network Rail celebrated International Women’s Day (8th March) by sharing the views and comments of five inspirational women who talk about their experience and roles at Network Rail.

We celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8 March by sharing the views and comments of five inspirational women who talk about their experience and roles at Network Rail.

The importance of a diverse workforce to our company is recognised at the highest levels of our business. At a recent industry event, our chief executive Mark Carne spoke about the importance and value of women in business:

“When women started becoming a much more visible presence on the oil and gas platforms in the North Sea twenty years ago, the difference they brought was profound. The extreme macho, and frankly unsafe, culture that was a hallmark of the industry in the 1970s and 1980s changed dramatically and forever.

“We have to encourage more women to want to pursue technical careers so that the application rates change. But I am also a strong advocate of positive action to help compensate for the inherent bias that can occur in male dominated societies. They should be shortlisted if they have the qualifications. They need development plans and proper mentoring arrangements. This is not the same as positive discrimination, but it does recognise that if you do not take some action to compensate for the inherent biases that must exist, the bad habits that have persisted in the past will carry on in the future.

“If things stay the same, they can’t improve. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just nice-to-haves - political correctness. They are powerful tools to help any organisation improve its performance.”

Here five women speak about their experiences working at Network Rail.

Sophia Morgan, scheme project manager:

“I joined under the graduate scheme and have had a great experience working at Network Rail. There are so many fantastic opportunities, in so many areas, and they offer an exciting and rewarding career. I think it’s great we’re working so hard to build a more inclusive environment in our industry.”

Loraine Martins, director of diversity and inclusion:

“Network Rail has embarked on an ambitious and challenging journey; we are at the start with much to do. But we know that where we have more diverse teams our performance is better, we’re more innovative, we’re more creative and we can deliver safety better.”

Jane Simpson, director for safety, technical and engineering (interim):

“It’s vital that we reach out to our wider community to encourage more people into engineering. We need a more diverse and inclusive workforce to develop the ideas and innovation that will enable us to deliver a better performing railway today and tomorrow.”

Sallie Bates, infrastructure maintenance protection co-ordinator:

“Protecting the railway is what my job is all about. For me, it boils down to our assets, budgets and reputation. What our neighbours and local communities think about us really matters. For me, the more diverse and inclusive we are, the better our business will be.”

Emma Bould, IT project manager

“Many women my mother, aunt and grandmother are all huge inspirations to me. Their tenacity, hardworking nature and kind dispositions are inspiring and I hope to grow into women like them. I think Network Rail is very lucky to have some very experienced and passionate employees. Being new to the industry they have been so welcoming, kind and patient. I really enjoy working with my team and colleagues, as they are very supportive and funny.”

Are you interested in a career with Network Rail? Please click here!

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