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Loneliness in our society hidden, particularly with the elderly

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Loneliness in society hidden, particularly with the elderly

Loneliness has an effect on a lot of people. Some find they cannot cope with the next day, they have a void, not having someone to talk to, or do things with like going out to parties , or even having a coffee with someone. I'm sure there are many who feel this way Sometimes it results in trying to buy love, in order to feel accepted.

An article in the Daily Mail  8th November highlighted how Jaci Stephen had spent  and thousands of pounds on men so that she didn't feel alone and it was a way to feel loved. This led her to being used. Jaci says that her spending and lifestyle had been a way of treating that loneliness, Which resulted in her being in debt.

The Guardian highlighted how Britain is the loneliness capital of Europe, www.theguardian 20th July 2014. Individuals are less likely to have strong friendships and no one to rely on in a crisis. It is said that the 18-34 age range are more likely to feel lonely. One in four men ring the Samaritans because they have difficulty in coping with loneliness.

Loneliness is recognised in the elderly and there are day centres and charities to help them combat that. There are times when the elderly can feel lonely when they go into residential care, a way of helping them to integrate in the home is for them to get involved in activities that are provided by the carers. This works very well in the home where I volunteer.

So for the younger people it is important to interact and network and feel part of society. While social media can bring some relief to feeling lonely it is important that they don't come to rely on it as it does have its drawbacks such as being able to communicate and interact face to face.

Those who are unemployed can also feel lonely because they don't have the means to entertain or go out. They miss out on that all important interaction with people of like minds. It is also having that self worth, being part of society. Something to be proud of and also to talk about.

We must therefore be aware of individuals needs as it would not just benefit them it benefits ourselves as we commit ourselves to being  part of the community.


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