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Loneliness is not only for the elderly

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Loneliness is not only for the elderly

Not so long ago I wrote an article on loneliness and I concentrated mainly on the elderly, but it is not just the elderly. These are people who are in their fifties and have lost their partners to heart disease.

There is an article in the BHF Heart Matters Nov 2014 where Helen had lost her husband to heart disease. Hilary went on to say how lonely she felt., she didn't have a job and was living on her own as her daughter had moved out.

She felt no incentive to get up in the morning except she was looking after her daughters rabbits so she had to feed them.

After a few months she got involved in volunteering and now helps in the BHF shop. She feels a different person, she also said that if she hadn't got involved in BHF she would have given into loneliness.

There is another story where Marc had had a heart attack at the age of 37, he felt isolated as he was living on his own and felt very much isolated by his age as the rehab class were with people who were in their 70's and 80's. He also got involved in a voluntary group and has since met his fiancee.

I myself had a time of loneliness as I was out of a job and my husband had heart block which scared me and I  was left feeling very vulnerable, not knowing what the future held, but I had wonderful support from the family and friends and they helped me through that time. my husband recovered and is now back at work.

Sometimes through the struggles of loneliness there can be a positive future. The trouble is at the time of our lowest we feel vulnerable, and lonely and we are not able to look forward. It would be lovely to think that everyone has someone particularly the younger people, but sadly it isn't the case.

It would be lovely to think that loneliness can be combatted through trying to do positive things in the community, but sadly that would not suit everyone as the pressures of loneliness has brought lack of confidence and there is the need for encouragement and reassurance for these people.

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